Yasuo revealed for upcoming League of Legends fighting game Project L

Carver Fisher
Yasuo announced for League of Legends fighting game project LRiot Games

Yasuo is one of the most popular characters in League of Legends, making it no surprise that he’s been one of the first revealed fighters for Project L, the upcoming LoL fighting game.

Since his release in 2013, Yasuo has been a mainstay in League of Legends. He’s a fast-moving melee character with a ton of mobility options that reward players who have the mechanics to outplay their opponent.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Riot Games thought he’d be a perfect fit for the upcoming fighting game in the League of Legends universe, Project L.

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Not only has he been revealed; he’ll be playable at EVO 2023 alongside Darius, Ekko, and Ahri.

Yasuo is coming to Project L at EVO 2023

With League of Legends having a roster of over 160 champions, figuring out which ones are the best fit for a fighting game is a tall order. However, it’s hard not to have seen Yasuo coming.

His popularity with the League of Legends fanbase combined with his fighting game-esque playstyle in League makes him a perfect fit for Project L.

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Riot revealed some of the more complex aspects of his kit, including the fact that he has multiple stances and utilizes iconic parts of his kit from League proper like his Wind Wall and tornadoes.

Alex Jaffe, the lead champion designer on Project L, detailed Yasuo’s kit in a trailer showing off what he’s capable of. He can switch in and out of a stance that sheathes his sword, allowing him to wind up for some big strikes.

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Besides his utility being strong, Yasuo’s normals have a massive amount of range and sweep through large swathes of the screen. He’s sure to be a strong fighter.

Going by appearance, his kit is reminiscent of Nagoriyuki from Guilty Gear: Strive along with elements of a speedy swordfighter like Vergil from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. While Project L still doesn’t have a release date, we’re sure to learn more about Yasuo and the other three playable fighters from the EVO 2023 playtest.

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