Riot Games ditch “Project L” and unveil their fighting game’s real name

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Project L name revealed

Riot Games has officially revealed the name of its highly anticipated League of Legends-themed fighting game that was previously titled “Project L”. Now known as 2XKO, the fighting game has reached a new milestone in its development.  

Radiant Entertainment’s Tom Cannon made the initial announcement of Project L at EVO 2019, teasing that the company was collaborating with Riot on a fighting game. Subsequently, at Riot’s League of Legends 10th anniversary event, Project L was officially unveiled to the public.

2XKO, formerly known as Project L, is just one of the many new ventures that Riot has been working on, including card-game Legends of Runeterra, first-person shooter Valorant, and the Netflix series Arcane. While the fighting genre is new for Riot, the content is something fans will find familiar. 

The characters within 2XKO will be based on Champions from League of Legends such as Yasuo, Ahri, Jinx, and Darius. It is uncertain what other Champions or characters will be added to the game when it releases considering there are over 100 Champions in the game currently, but at least we’ve finally got a name for it.

Project L revealed to be 2XKO

Since it was announced a few years ago, hype behind Riot’s fighting game, then labelled Project L, has been steadily building.

Considering the so-called Golden Age of fighting games we’re in with games like Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6 exploding in popularity, it’s the perfect time for Riot to throw their hat in the ring with Project L.

Or, at least, it was known as Project L. Now we’ve got the new name: 2XKO.

The name has caught many off guard, with Riot confirming 2XKO is pronounced exactly the way it looks.

This announcement showed off some new gameplay, but not of any characters we didn’t already know about from prior trailers and gameplay demos.

Additionally, this new title has come with an update as to when we’ll finally get to see the game: 2025. It’s a wide window and one that’s subject to change, but at least we won’t have to hold out hope that we’ll be getting our hands on it in 2024.

That said, there may be some at-home playtests coming in the form of an early beta later in 2024.

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