Worlds match preview: DWG KIA v T1 – By DJ Esports

T1 group shot at Worlds 2021Riot Games

Worlds 2021 is set to host a legendary clash on Saturday, October 30 as defending champions DWG KIA take on LCK rivals T1 in the first semifinal of the tournament.

DJ Esports provides expert analysis ahead of some of the headline matches at Worlds 2021, to help you make your own predictions and check out some of the odds on offer.

Matchup details of T1 v DK

DWG KIA remain the only undefeated team at Worlds 2021, having gone 6-0 in the group stage and sweeping MAD Lions 3-0 in the quarterfinals.

T1 have also put in strong performances at Worlds, notably going 3-0 in the final round of group stage matches to steal the group’s first seed from the LPL’s EDward Gaming. They followed that up with a convincing sweep of Hanwha Life Esports in the quarterfinals to set up this clash of titans with DWG KIA.

DWG KIA are undoubtedly the team to beat at Worlds 2021. As the favorites to win the Summoner’s Cup, they have the talent and potential to pull off a convincing win over T1. We’re putting our money on DWG KIA to beat the 1.5 round handicap.

Handicap odds for DK v T1

DWG KIA’s focus on late-game teamfights may put them at a disadvantage in the laning phase. However, expect them to offset this through a cautious early-game strategy that avoids teamfights, instead prioritizing lane rotation and champion scaling. In their three-game series against MAD Lions, DWG KIA only secured First Blood once. Given T1’s explosive early offense, we’re calling First Blood for T1.

First blood odds for DK v T1

Game Stats for T1 v DK

DWG KIA and T1 both boast extremely high First Turret rates. According to DJ Esports’ analytics matrix, we can see that T1’s First Herald rate is an impressive 80%, and they can regularly turn that into the First Turret.

However, while DWG KIA have a noticeably lower First Herald rate, they still maintain a First Turret rate of 60%. This speaks to the quality of DWG KIA’s play, as well as their superior vision control. Despite this, we’re predicting that T1 will take the First Turret.

First Turret odds for DK v T1

T1 base their strategy around a fast-paced offensive style. With an average game time of 29:22, they are the only team at Worlds 2021 with an average time under 30 minutes. Expect them to focus play through the mid lane, which is a tried-and-tested strategy for faster matches. The odds of this game lasting significantly longer than 30 minutes are pretty small, in our opinion. We’re definitely taking the bet for a sub-34 minute game for sure.

Game Time odds between T1 and DK

A rematch of the LCK Summer Grand Final, this series pits two of the biggest teams in League of Legends against one another. Will DWG KIA reach their second consecutive Worlds final? Or can T1 get revenge for the Summer Split defeat and move on to their fourth Worlds final?

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