DJ Esports 10 million Worlds Prediction series: Elevating esports betting with the power of AI & Crypto

Calum Patterson
DJ Esports Worlds Prediction Series

Esports has evolved beyond LAN parties and cramped hotel ballrooms, into floodlit arenas, packed with tens of thousands, and millions more watching online. But the next evolution of esports isn’t yet complete, and one player in the space has their targets set on taking esports broadcasts and community engagement to the next level.

DJ Esports started as a meeting of the minds over seven years ago, as LoLMatrix and IMsports collided to make IMesports. The collision sparked an idea; “to enrich the esports viewing experience,” by providing a quantitative framework for evaluating teams and players, and for skilled analysts to prove themselves by identifying performance trends and ultimately predict the outcomes of esports matches.

Where does DJ Esports fit into this? As the premier all-crypto esports betting site, the platform combines cutting-edge analytics, a dedicated team of experts, and crypto-only transactions, to provide a hub for esports betting like no other.

There is also an emphasis on community, with a lively Discord channel filled with passionate and like-minded esports fanatics, all offering their takes and insights. Central to DJ Esports’ commitment is to ignore the norms, and provide a more open and responsible platform for users to enjoy – often a rarity in esports.

Now branching out around the world, DJ Esports provides a unique opportunity for esports fans perhaps unfamiliar with the platform. It could also be a pivotal moment for western esports generally, elevating the industry norms and pushing true fan engagement with all esports matches to the next level.

DJ Esports has also partnered with influencers in esports, including Thorin and ex-LoL pro Wickd, who are diving into the platform live, and exemplifying the power of the analytical tools on offer.

What is the DJ Esports Worlds Prediction Series?

DJ Esports world prediction series

The Worlds Prediction Series is already underway on DJ Esports, with a 10 million USDT prize pool in total, and offers participants the chance to earn up to 800,000 USDT – while being free to enter. In fact, signing up will secure you a bonus 400 DJT for free.

Signing up is available now – and it’s totally free.

The series is split into three stages, with the first stage underway now and running until September 24 – the early bird special. Throughout this stage, the goal is to rack up as much DJT (the platforms play coin) as possible, in anticipation for LoL Worlds.

This is where stage two comes in – the League of Legends World Championship. Every account will be topped up wit 1,500 DJT to start, and then can start betting on matches from the big four major tournaments:

  • League of Legends Worlds
  • Dota2’s The International
  • CS:GO Major
  • Valorant Worlds

One week after Worlds, your DJT balance will determine your winnings – with the top prize set at 300,000 USDT. And this top prize may be more attainable than you think – you will have to double your DJT balance 15 times.

You can see the prize breakdowns below:

DJ Esports prize breakdown

The final stage is only for the biggest winners. DJ Esports estimates that 36 participants will reach this stage, and then will “Face Off” with head-to-head bets, with the overall winner securing the 800,000 USDT top prize.

And, it also pays to get involved in the community side of things. You can claim additional DJT by sharing the event graphic on social media (like the post above) and reaching out to DJ Esports staff members in the Discord, which is always lively.

Why choose DJ Esports?

If there is a time to get involved in the betting side of esports, it’s now, and DJ Esports offers the most complete, thorough and secure way to take part.

The platform uses a transparent system, where real-time stats directly feed into the odds you see, allowing users to look behind the curtain, rather than going in blind.

It’s also worth noting that DJ Esports plays host to the widest range of markets, offering pinpoint-accurate odds on all live matches, and boasting the lowest spreads and highest cash-back rebates.

DJ esports streamer markets

With over 30,000 unique bets, and a team of expert analysts constantly with their eye on the ball, updating live odds in real-time. DJ Esports developed the Esports Matrix Data (EMD) program, which collated a whopping 94% of “relevant competitive Esports data in what truly is the first of its kind.”

Not to mention the opportunity to bet on over 100 streamers, with the world’s first Streamer Bets markets, covering games such as CS:GO, Valorant, League of Legends, FIFA, and more.

Odds are generated for the Streamer Bets markets by DJ Esports’s very own AI algorithm, which reads and passes live stream data to odds generation algorithms.

But, it goes beyond just betting and taking part in the community. For crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike, DJ Esports is also a DEFI platform. This means you can earn up to 30% annual interest on your Crypto holdings, paid daily, and can boost this through cash back rebates of up to 8%, by referring friends through the VIP program.

Is DJ Esports safe?

Yes, DJ esports is a safe and secure platform to participate in live esports betting.

Esports, and by extension, esports betting, is still nascent. There is often concern about the security of platforms involved. However, DJ Esports is 100% crypto: providing a safe, secure and traceable form of transaction, thanks to the inherent qualities of the blockchain.

But, to really put user’s minds at ease, DJ Esports holds $10,000,000 of cryptocurrencies in their Etherscan wallet, and makes weekly withdrawals to prove ownership – and that they can pay out any client’s bets.