Wild Rift patch 4.0a notes: Burning bases, inhibitor respawn changes, more

Wild Rift 4.0aYouTube: League of Legends - Wild Rift

The latest Wild Rift patch notes for 4.0a include some massive changes to the late-game and base structures.

In a new patch, the Wild Rift team is taking aim at how difficult sieging can be towards the end of the game. But they’re not just content to make the late game easier for the team that’s winning, as big changes to the base will also give opportunities for teams that are losing to sneak a win.

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These changes, along with the requisite balance changes for items and champions, will hopefully soften the Wild Rift meta and make the game more interesting and offer opportunities for comebacks.

Let’s take a look at all the major changes coming to Wild Rift in the upcoming patch 4.0a.

What is changing in Wild Rift patch 4.0a?

Base burning

Likely the biggest change coming in 4.0a is the new base burning system, which is completely unique to Wild Rift and not in League of Legends.

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As the game gets longer, the outermost turret in each lane begins to lose health, armor, and magic resistance every few seconds, making them easier to destroy.

This will allow players to end close games much more quickly and give easier paths into the base. However, certain structures like inhibitor turrets and the Nexus will not be affected by this damage to the same extent, so don’t just expect to see an exposed Nexus crumble out of nowhere.

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Inhibitor respawning

Now, in League of Legends, inhibitors can and do respawn, but that has not been the case in Wild Rift. A major reason for that is that, unlike in League, Wild Rift inhibitors damage enemies nearby.

The team at Riot have managed to add back the respawning inhibitors mechanic, but these respawned inhibitors will no longer damage enemies.

In addition, inhibitors destroyed earlier in the game will respawn more quickly than those respawning later on, to give teams that are behind early a chance to come back.

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Wild Rift patch 4.0a notes

You can read the full patch notes for Wild Rift 4.0a below:

Champion Changes


(4) World Ender

  • Increased Healing: 30/45/60% → 25/35/45%


(2) Going Rouge

  • Cooldown: 18/14/10/6s → 14/10/6/2s
  • [NEW]: Gain 2% missing mana regen per second when chasing Scoundrels.


(1) Ranger’s Focus 

  • Base attack speed: 25/30/35/40% → 25/35/45/55%

(2) Volley

  • Cooldown: 13/10/7/4s → 15/12/9/6s


(2) Overdrive

  • Movement speed after the first acceleration decay: 10% → 25%
  • Movement speed after the second acceleration decay: 25% → 50%


(P) Z-Drive Resonance 

  • Monster modification: 110% → 140%


(1) The Darkin Scythe

  • Shadow Assassin passive reset time: 6s → 5s
  • Shadow Assassin passive bonus damage: 14%~42% → 32%~46%
  • Increased the quantity of charges that Shadow Assassin receives when damaging ranged champions.

(2) Shadow Step

  • Shadow Assassin Cooldown: 8s → 7s

(3) Umbral Trespass

  • Shadow Assassin range increased slightly


(1) Piercing Light

  • Base damage: 95/140/185/230 → 110/150/190/230


(2) Prismatic Barrier

  • Shield: 40/70/100/130 + 15% Ability Power → 40/75/110/145 + 10% Ability Power
  • Return shield: 80/140/200/260 + 30% Ability Power → 80/150/220/290 + 20% Ability Power

(3) Lucent Singularity

  • Damage: 60/120/180/240 + 60% Ability Power → 65/130/195/260 + 55% Ability Power


(1) Dredge Line

  • Cooldown: 11/10/9/8s → 12/11/10/9s
  • Base damage: 70/130/190/250 → 60/120/180/240


(2) Void Seeker

  • Base damage: 80/150/220/290 → 70/140/210/280

(3) Supercharge

  • Cooldown: 18/16/14/12s → 20/18/16/14s


Base Stats

  • Base Attack Damage: 52 → 58
  • Attack speed per level: 1.7% → 1.2%


(1) Spirit Cleave

  • Minimum damage to minions: 50~400 → 60~200
  • Damage cap to Monsters: 100~380 →  80~290
  • Base shield: 40 + 70% bonus Attack Damage → 30 + 70 % bonus Attack Damage


(2) Spell Thief

  • [BUG FIX]: Fixed an issue that prevented this ability from applying on-hit effects.


Awakened Soulstealer

Unique passive:

  • Cooldown refund on kill: 20% → 25%

Horizon Focus

Unique passive:

  • Cooldown refund on kill: 20% → 25%

Luden’s Echo

Unique passive:

  • Lightning damage: 100 + 10% Ability Power → 110 + 10% Ability Power


Base Burning

  • At 25 minutes the outermost turret in each lane loses 25 magic resistance and 25 armor and starts to lose 3% max health every 3 seconds.
  • Inhibitor Turrets stop taking burning damage when their health drops below 25%.
  • Base burning has no effect on the Nexus.

Inhibitor Respawn

  • Inhibitors respawn after destruction based on game time.
    • If an Inhibitor is destroyed within the first 13 minutes of the game, it respawns after 4 minutes.
    • If an Inhibitor is destroyed between 13-18 minutes, it respawns after 5 minutes.
    • If an Inhibitor is destroyed after 18 minutes, it respawns after 6 minutes.
  • Respawned Inhibitors cannot attack.

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