Wild Rift patch 4.0 notes: Zeri and Zoe release, inhibitor respawns, more

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Wild Rift patch 4.0

Wild Rift patch 4.0 is locked in, bringing Zeri and Zoe’s release, alongside many other gameplay changes, including inhibitor respawns. Here are the full patch notes

Wild Rift patch 4.0 is finally here, showcasing brand-new changes targeted toward evolving the Rift. Two brand new Wild rift champions, tank item revamps, and the return of ultra-rapid fire have all been revealed.

With all these changes, patch 4.0 looks to be a massive adjustment that should shake up the Wild Rift meta. Here is everything we know about patch 4.0.

What is changing in Wild Rift patch 4.0?

New champions Zeri and Zoe

Zeri and Zoe release throughout Wild Rift patch 4.0. As for their release date dates, it’s been officially revealed that they will launch separately — with Zoe releasing during the base patch and Zeri in patch 4.0b. The official release date for Wild Rift Zoe is on January 12 at 00:01 UTC and the official release date for Wild Rift Zeri is on February 24 at 00:01 UTC.

Wild Rift patch 4.0
Mythmaker Zoe looks dazzling.

Inhibitor respawns and turret burns

Wild Rift snowballs after the first inhibitor turret goes down, launching super minions that spawn until the game ends. And though the snowball got less extreme as the developers corrected various issues surrounding the game’s pacing, these inhibitor towers create such a massive lead for whoever destroys them because they never respawned.

But in Wild Rift patch 4.0, at an unspecified date, they’re implementing Inhibitor respawns. These won’t be towers, but just non-attacking structures that serve as a meat shield to protect the base.

Wild Rift was meant to be a fast-paced game, so this will slow down the games drastically. To compensate for this, it appears the developers are adding turret burns during the latter stages. In essence, turrets will lose health as the game progresses, speeding up the pacing.

Tank item changes

The developers stated that tanks will be the next on their list for changes. 3.4 was for the jungle, and 3.3 was for the support role.

They’re implementing brand-new item changes to many of the tank items, creating a focus on aggressive, more visible plays. In essence, they’re switching up tank item abilities, creating a more active effect on gameplay. Check out the official video for a more specific description.

Return of Ultra Rapid Fire

Wild Rift patch 4.0 marks the return of URF. But this time around, they’re testing a new feature for smite. Instead of being an active, the summoner spell will automatically execute jungle camps nearby. Though they haven’t stated it in the video, they’re likely testing this to see if it works and feels okay, and very well may add the feature into the game if it goes well.

After all, Wild Rift is meant to streamline many of the processes from League PC, and smites often become a huge conflicting factor, resulting in toxicity and blame. This is a prime example of Player Dynamics, where Riot is attempting to improve the game state by simplifying the mechanics and qualms that surround the gameplay.

You can find the full Wild Rift patch 4.0 notes below, courtesy of Riot.

Wild Rift patch 4.0 notes

Game modes

Ultra Rapid Fire

Execute Smite

  • [NEW] If you would reduce an Epic monster to 800 health or below, or a large monster to 400 health or below, execute the monster and restore 8% of your maximum health. This execute does not trigger from damage over time effects.
  • +20% bonus gold and 20% bonus experience from jungle monsters, but temporarily earn 60% less gold and experience from minions.
  • +15% Attack Damage and +30% Ability Damage to jungle monsters.
  • Restore 40 health over 5 seconds in combat against jungle monsters.
  • Restore 4 mana every second while in the jungle or river.



    (1) Precision Protocol

    • [NEW] After 1.6 seconds of the first empowered attack, Precision Protocol automatically empowers another basic attack, converting the bonus damage to true damage.
    • Bonus movement speed: 15/20/25/30% → 25%
    • Bonus movement speed duration: 1s → 1.5s

    (2) Tactical Sweep

    • [NEW] Camille’s bonus damage now applies to the entire area of effect instead of just the outer half, dealing (90/120/150/180 +110% bonus AD) and an additional (4/6/8/10)% of the target’s maximum health as physical damage. If you do sweetspot the outer half of the cone however, enemies are slowed by 80% for 2 seconds, and Camille heals for 50% of the damage dealt.

    (3) Hookshot

    • [NEW] If Camille misses the initial cast of Hookshot, it is placed on a 3 second cooldown instead of full cooldown.
    • RECAST: Camille detaches from the terrain and dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies on arrival. If she hits an enemy champion, she stuns them for 0.75 seconds and gains bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.
    • [NEW] Upon recasting Hookshot, Camille’s next basic attack against enemy champions within 3 seconds, grants bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.


    (1) Phosphorus Bomb

    • Cast Time: 0.27 → 0.27 ~ 0.18 (Scales with attack speed)


    (1) Bladesurge

    • No longer follows blink effects


    (1) Taste Their Fear

    • Cooldown reduction on isolated targets: 45% → 30%


    Base Stats

    • Base Attack Damage: 58 → 62
    • Attack Damage per level: 2.65 → 3
    • Attack Damage at level 15: 99 → 104

    (1) Icathian Rain

    • Attack Damage ratio: 45% → 50%

    (2) Void Seeker

    • Cast Time: 0.34 → 0.34 ~ 0.227 (Scales with attack speed)


    Base Stats

    • Health per level: 112 → 104

    (1) Blooming Blows

    • Base damage: 35/55/75/95 → 35/50/65/80
    • Monster modification: 130% → 110%

    Miss Fortune

    (3) Make it Rain

    • Ability Power ratio: 10% → 10/12/14/16%
    • Total Ability Power ratio: 80% → 80/96/112/128%

    (4) Bullet Time

    • Ability Power ratio: 25% → 30%
    • Total Ability Power ratio: 300/350/400% → 360/420/480%


    (1) Cull the Meek

    • Cooldown: 8s → 7s
    • Base heal: 4/6/8/10 → 5/7/9/11


    (1) Flair

    • Base Damage: 5/10/15/20 → 10/15/20/25


    (1) Twilight Assault

    • Bonus damage to monsters: 200% → 150%
    • Monster damage cap: 250 → 225


    Base Stats

    • Health per level: 105 → 112

    (1) Twin Bite

    • Cooldown: 9/8/7/6s → 8.5/7.5/6.5/5.5s
    • Evolved Twin Bites slow: 40% → 50%


    (1) Poison Trail

    • Mana cost per second: 15s → 12s
    • Ability Power: 30% → 35%

    (4) Insanity Potion

    • Health and mana recovery per second: 6/11/16 → 6/13/20


    (P) Glory In Death

    • Bonus health per large unit kill: 15 → 20

    (1) Decimating Smash

    • Minimum base damage: 25/55/85/115 → 40/65/90/115
    • Full Charge maximum damage unchanged

    (3) Roar of the Slayer

    • Slow: 40/45/50/55% → 50/55/60/65%


    [NEW] Dawnshroud

    Build Path

    • Spectre’s Cowl (1100g) + Chainmail (900g) + 700g
    • Total Gold: 2700g


    • Health: 250
    • Armor: 50
    • Magic Resistance: 30


    • Dawnbringer: When you immobilize a champion or are immobilized, damage and reveal all nearby enemy champions for 3 seconds, dealing 80+5% bonus health, as magic damage (3 second cooldown).

    [REWORKED] Randuin’s Omen

    Build Path

    • Warden’s Mail (1050g) + Giant’s Belt (1000g) + 750g
      • Total cost: 2800g


    • Health: 400
    • Armor: 55


    • Cold Steel: Reduce the Attack Speed of enemies by 15% for 1.5 second when struck by an attack.
    • Determination: When you are critically struck, gain [12% for melee | 8% for ranged] of the pre-mitigation damage taken as charges of Determination for 5s, up to a maximum of 500 charges. When you attack a champion, consume your Determination to heal for the amount consumed.

    [REWORKED] Frozen Heart

    Build Path

    • Warden’s Mail (1050g) + Glacial Shroud (1000g) + 650g
      • Total cost: 2700g


    • Armor: 80
    • Mana: 200
    • Ability Haste: 25


    • Winter’s Caress: Basic attacks and magic damage caused by you or inflicted upon you will apply stacks of Chill to the enemy champion for 3 seconds. Each stack of Chill slows enemy attack speed by 9%, up to a maximum of 4 stacks or 36% Attack Speed reduction. Each individual ability has a 1 second cooldown on applying Winter’s Caress per target.

    Cosmic Drive

    • Total cost: 2900g → 2800g
    • Ability Power: 70→ 75

    Lord Dominik’s Regards

    • Total cost: 3100g → 3200g


    • Ability Power: 75 → 70

    Mortal Reminder

    • Total Cost: 3100g → 3000g

    Spirit Visage

    • Passive: Increases heals on yourself by 30% → Increases heals and shields on yourself by 30%


    Inspiration: Pathfinder

    • Bonus movement speed in the river: 20 → 30
    • Bonus movement speed in the river after leaving combat: 10 → 20

    Inspiration: Phase Rush

    • Ability Haste granted: Works for all abilities → Works for basic abilities only
    • Ability Haste: 10 → 25

    System Changes

    Champion Damage vs Structures Calculation

    • Deal base Attack Damage + (the higher value between 100% bonus Attack Damage and 50% Ability Power) → Deal base Attack Damage + 100% bonus Attack Damage + 50% Ability Power
    • [UNCHANGED] If 50% of Ability Power is greater than 100% bonus Attack Damage, attack is converted to magic damage
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