Wild Rift Lillia guide: release date, abilities, build, more

Wild Rift LilliaRiot Games

Riot teased Lillia for Wild Rift patch 3.5. She plays as an ability power jungler who utilizes her movement speed to catch out of position enemies. To help inform players of the new champion, here is everything to know regarding Wild Rift Lillia.

Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, was born from the dreams of a mythical tree known as the Dreaming Tree. The tree gathers humanity’s dreams in its blooms. The shy fawn idolized humans, since she often took care of their dreams.

But after meeting a group of people, Lillia wakes up from her own delusions. War, killing, and destruction follow the humans, and they almost destroy the Dreaming Tree. During this traumatic experience, Lillia steps up and intervenes, preventing further destruction of her home.

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Lillia travels Ionia with a magical wooden stick, helping humanity rediscover hope by using her powers to find people’s unrealized dreams.

To read more on Lillia’s lore, click here.

Lillia release date in Wild Rift

The official release date for Lillia was on December 15. As of Wild Rift patch 3.5b, she is officially out in the mobile MOBA, having debuted alongside the Spirit Blossom Event as well. She costs 5500 blue essence, the same as every other champion in the game.

Wild Rift Lillia item build

Recommended item build

RiftMaker → Prophet’s Pendant → Void Staff→  Rabadon’s Deathcap → Liandry’s Torment

Alternative item

Rod of Ages

Boot enchant

Boots of Furor →  Protobelt/Stasis/Glorious Enchant

The build here prioritizes RiftMaker first, since it provides great utility during extended fights. Lillia as a whole wants to fight for longer, since her burst damage isn’t the greatest. But the longer she’s able to kite around the enemy, the more she’s rewarded for doing so thanks to RiftMaker.

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In addition, Prophet’s Pendant grants solid magic penetration, but finishing the item is a bit iffy, since the utility to gold investment is far too expensive.

Another item that could be of great use for Lillia is Rod of Ages, since it’s a solid AP item that provides strong base stats. More play testing will have to be performed though to say for certain.

As for the boot enchants Lillia can go many different ways. The safest is Stasis, since it’s a staple for AP champions, but Glorious and Protobelt should both work well, since Lillia is very reliant on movement speed.

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Wild Rift Lillia runes

Recommended Runes

Electrocute →  Triumph → Boneplating → Pathfinder

Taking Electrocute will likely benefit Wild Rift Lillia the most, since it’ll provide the extra burst damage necessary to round out her kit. An alternative would be Conqueror, since she enjoys extended fights. Phase Rush would be the go to in League of Legends PC, but the rune is generally pretty trash in Wild Rift. So until they buff it, avoid the rune for now.

Lillia abilities

This champion essentially uses an infinite range bowling ball-like projectile. Hitting this ability allows Lillia to cast sleep on the enemy from incredibly far away, which prevents them from moving for a short time.

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Maximizing this combo’s usage has a high skill cap, and differentiates the amateur Lillias from the pros.

All her abilities are area of effect, making her an impressive team fighting utility damage dealer. Thanks to her high base movement speed built into her kit, Lillia kites surprisingly well.

Here are all of Lillia’s abilities in Wild Rift:

Dream-Laden Bough (Passive)

  • All of Lillia’s abilities apply Dream Dust, which deals a portion of the enemy’s maximum health as damage for a period of time.

Blooming Blows (first ability)

  • Lillia swings her stick in a circle, dealing magic damage to within the radius and true damage to those at the edge of hit box. She gains stacking movement speed whenever hitting a target with a skill.

Watch Out! Eep! (second ability)

  • Lillia winds up and slams down in a circle. Hitting in the center of the circle deals more damage.

Swirlseed (third ability)

  • This move is where Lillia throws her iconic bowling ball, or also known as a Swirlseed. Hitting an enemy deals magic damage and slows them, but if it misses, it keeps rolling until it hits an enemy or collides with terrain.

Lilting Lullaby (ultimate)

  • She casts lullaby on the enemies afflicted by Dream Dust, which causes them to become increasingly slowed before they fall asleep. When they wake up to due to damage, they take additional damage.

Ability upgrade priority

Blooming Kiss > Watch Out! Eep! > Swirlseed

These were descriptions were taken from League of Legends PC’s, therefore expect minor changes for Lillia’s implementation in the mobile version.

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