Ultimate Taliyah guide: Best League of Legends builds, runes, tips & tricks

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Taliyah is one of League of Legends‘ most powerful mid-lane mages known for her powerful earth-bending abilities that can dish out unrivaled amounts of damage. If you’re looking to master the Stoneweaver then look no further as we’ve got her best build, runes, and some tips and tricks.

Released in 2016, Taliyah still is one of the more recent mage champions to be introduced to Summoner’s Rift.

Although Taliyah fell out of popularity for quite some time after her release, she’s now at the forefront of the League of Legends meta after Riot Games gave her kit a well-needed facelift.

Wondering how to dominate the Rift with the Stoneweaver? Here’s our Taliyah guide to help you master League of Legends’ resident rock-hurler.


taliyah ssg league of legends
Taliyah’s SSG skin was released back in 2018.

Who is Taliyah?

Taliyah is a mage hailing from Shurima, born into a tribe of nomadic weavers. A daughter of the infamous Shuriman desert, Taliyah is a powerful young stoneweaver whose inquisitive nature has led her to travel all across the Valoran region.

Her struggle is that of any young person: a life torn between personal responsibility and teenage wonder. Underneath her welcoming nature is a strong will that manifests in earth-shattering power.

Taliyah abilities & gameplay

On Summoner’s Rift, Taliyah is a control mage whose kit is full of damage and crowd control.

With her mini rework in patch 12.9, Taliyah now has access to more utility than ever before and has successfully been shifted into the mid-lane. Her main damage spell, Threaded Volley, is still the core of her champion design, hurling a volley of rocks at a target location.

After casting Threaded Volley she turns the earth below her into worked ground. She consumes the worked ground by casting the spell once more, launching a strong boulder that also slows opponents.

Her W, Seismic Shove, erupts the ground at a targeted location and throws opponents in the air. Taliyah’s newly reworked E ability, Unraveled Path, creates a massive minefield of rocks that stuns opponents who use a dash.

The Stoneweaver’s ultimate, Weaver’s Wall, creates a long wall that Taliyah can then surf across to lock off opponents in a choke or make it quickly across Summoner’s Rift in no time.

  • Passive: Rock Surfing — Taliyah gains Move Speed near walls.
  • Q: Threaded Volley — Taliyah throws a volley of rocks in a target direction, moving freely as she does. This works the ground below her. If Taliyah casts Threaded Volley on worked ground, she consumes it to throw a stronger boulder that slows enemies.
  • W: Seismic Shove Taliyah causes an area of ground to erupt and throws enemies within in a direction of her choosing.
  • E: Unraveled Earth — Taliyah creates a slowing minefield that explodes if enemies dash or are pushed/pulled through it, stunning them.
  • R: Weaver’s Wall — Taliyah creates a very long wall and then surfs it.

Best build for Taliyah

Taliyah is a mage, so building tons of AP is always a solid choice. Her best Mythic item choices are Everfrost and Luden’s Tempest. Liandry’s Anguish can be a good option, only if the enemy team is filled with champions who stack health.

Beyond Mythic items, Shadowflame provides a huge amount of AP as well as a passive that punishes teams with tons of shielding. Archangel’s Staff alleviates mana problems and provides a nice amount of health.

After that, Rabandon’s Deathcap and Void Staff are great to cap out the most amount of damage possible.

Top meta Taliyah items in Season 12

  • Mythic: Everfrost / Luden’s Tempest / Lindary’s Anguish
  • Boots: Sorcerer’s Shoes / Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Starting Item: Corrupting Potion / Doran’s Ring / Tear of the Goddess
  • Shadowflame
  • Archangel’s Staff
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
  • Void Staff
  • Mejai’s Soulstealer (if Dark Seal is stacked to 10 charges)
Freljord Taliyah in League of Legends
Taliyah only has three skins in League of Legends.

Best runes for Taliyah

Taliyah’s runes should be to maximize her damage output. For this, Electrocute adds a consistent amount of damage to her spell combos. Dark Harvest is another solid option that scales well but is weaker in lane.

The brand new First Strike rune is also great and can be triggered often as Taliyah can strike her opponent first with ease. It also gives her access to the powerful Inspiration tree, which has a lot of great runes for mages.

For secondary runes look for any of Sorcerery, Inspiration, or Domination, depending on what you’re primary keystone is. Future’s Market and Magic Footwear help Taliyah curve easier in the mid-game into her finished boots and second and third items.

Top meta Taliyah runes in Season 12

  • Electrocute
  • Cheap Shot
  • Eyeball Collection
  • Relentless Hunter
  • Future’s Market
  • Magical Footwear

taliyah runes league of legends

Taliyah skins

Taliyah is a great choice for League players who like control mages, as Taliyah provides tons of utility and damage which can be a lot of fun. Although she isn’t the easiest champion to pick up, you now have all the tools to become the master of the Stoneweaver.

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