Top 10 most-played League of Legends champions in ranked

Liam Ho
Chromacrash Jinx splash artRiot Games

League of Legends offers players over 160 different characters to play around with, however, some are far more popular than others. Here are the top 10 most-played League of Legends champions in Ranked Solo Duo.

Riot’s popular MOBA League of Legends is a pretty old game. Released back in 2009, the title has been slowly updated through the years, releasing new champions to keep players enticed and entertained. With the amount of variety available in the game, and only 10 slots per game, there are definitely champs that have stood out as the most popular.

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The list below details the most popular champions in League of Legends Ranked Solo Queue, according to

10 – Senna

Senna Splash ArtRiot Games
Senna’s strong usage of support item Bloodsong and lethality items makes her really powerful at the moment.

Support markswoman Senna lands herself as the 10th most popular champion in League of Legends. With an infinitely scaling passive that gives her both range and damage, the champion focuses on dealing damage and taking out targets, all while not needing the gold and minions to do so.

On top of that, Senna’s synergy with Bloodsong allows her to instantly proc the time with Q, further increasing her damage which is bumped up by the power of lethality items.

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9 – Yone

Yasuo Splash ArtRiot Games
Yasuo has always remained one of the most popular picks in League of Legends.

The Wind Wall slinging Samurai Yasuo is currently the 9th most popular champion in League at the moment. Yasuo’s infinite dashes, Wind Wall, and overall kit make his skill ceiling incredibly high, meaning many players who have mastered the champion can sweep their way through the enemy team.

8 – Brand

Brand Splash Art League of LegendsRiot Games
Brand’s powerful jungle buffs have left him as one of the more popular picks in ranked.

After some ridiculous buffs to his jungle clear speed, Brand quickly became one of the best junglers in all of League of Legends. His popularity is a direct result of this buff and players are still picking the champion as a powerful AP jungle mage.

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It’s likely Brand’s spot would not be anywhere as high on this list if it were not for his currently overturned jungle presence, as the champion normally doesn’t see nearly as much play as the other contenders on this list.

7 – Jhin

Jhin Splash artRiot Games
Jhin’s burst and high damage makes him a powerful ADC.

The mysterious Ionian artist Jhin appropriately takes up the seventh slot on our list. Like Miss Fortune, Jhin is currently benefitting from the power of lethality items using The Collector and Youmuu’s Ghostblade. The ADC is good at bullying his lane while scaling into the late game with strong crit options and a good amount of utility in his kit.

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Even without items, Jhin could still be considered quite a popular pick, perfect for players who love bursty sniper ADCs with an unconventional playstyle.

6 – Caitlyn

Caitlyn Splash ArtRiot Games
Caitlyn stands as a strong and capable ADC that works well in the hands of skilled players.

Piltovian Sheriff Caitlyn lands herself as the sixth most popular champion at the moment. With high range, good damage, and the ability to make plays, Caitlyn is a deceptively powerful champion in the hands of the right player.

The ADC is able to bully other opponents out of lane, dipping somewhat in power in the mid-game and coming back as a strong carry in the late game. With satisfying combos, a nice visual aesthetic and a chipper British accent, there’s no doubt players adore Caitlyn.

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5 – Lux

Lux Splash ArtRiot Games
Lux maintains her spot as a popular champion pick for ranked.

The Lady of Luminosity scores herself the 5th most popular slot in League. With a simple-to-execute kit, Lux’s combo potential allows her to score takedowns from afar, making her perfect at picking or poking at enemies. Lux, who was originally a mid laner, is being played more in the support role currently, as her poke, snare and shield allow her to effectively assist her ADC to get through the laning phase.

4 – Yone

yone splash artRiot Games
Older brother Yone is just as popular as his younger brother.

Yone takes up our fourth slot as the most popular champion in League of Legends. Brother to Yasuo, Yone deals high amounts of mixed damage, has ridiculously good scaling, and just generally doesn’t need to land skillshots to still instantly kill you. A capable fighter, Yone is able to separate himself from his body, able to apply a death mark to enemies.

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On top of that, Yone has a fair amount of skill expression which rewards players who put time into him.

3 – Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune Splash ArtRiot Games
Miss Fortune insane synergy with lethality items makes her a potent ADC.

Benefitting from the recent item changes in Season 14, Miss Fortune has found herself as one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. The swashbuckling pirate has received immense power with the new lethality items, allowing her burst to be ridiculously high, capable of one-shotting most squishy champions.

Outside of her basic kit, her ultimate Bullet Time can easily win a team fight provided it’s placed in the right locations. With her high damage and synergy with the current items, she’s definitely the go-to AD carry for anyone trying to win ranked at the moment.

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2 – Ezreal

Ezreal Splash ArtRiot Games
Fan favorite Ezreal is still one of the most popular champions to date.

Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer sees himself as one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. The ADC from Piltover wields a magical gauntlet that allows him to toss out skill shots galore, and also magically teleport out of danger.

Ezreal has always had some presence in the meta, just due to how fun he is to play as. However, Ezreal’s recent buffs have caused him to skyrocket in play rate, with the nerfs tuning him and his popularity down a fair amount.

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1 – Smolder

SmolderRiot Games
Smolder has swiftly taken the top spot as the most popular champion in League of Legends.

New kid on the block Smolder has skyrocketed in popularity. A young dragon to start, Smolder slowly scales over the game, gaining stacks of Dragon Practice, until he becomes strong enough to start burning enemies with true damage.

It took quite some time for players to figure out the best way to play the champion, but they’ve quickly become the hot topic on the Rift. Riot is still making changes to the champion, so it is very possible that Smolder drops off if players dislike his new playstyle, but until that time he sits proudly as the most popular character.

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