League of Legends player takes down enemy miles away with harmless Soraka ultimate

Liam Ho
Prestige Star Guardian Soraka

A League of Legends player managed to take down an enemy champion on the opposite side of the map using Soraka’s completely harmless ultimate ability.

League of Legends is host to a cast of diverse and varying champions. Each character hails from regions all around the fictional world of Runeterra, all with their own stories to tell. These backstories often inform players of what the champion may play like, giving a hint about their role within the game. For example, the Noxian daredevil Samira is all about styling on enemies, giving her a high-damage resettable kit for taking down entire enemy teams without breaking a sweat.

However, not all champions were built for mass destruction. Many champions that fill the support role are not mass murdering machines and instead focus on keeping allies safe. One such champion is the Targon healer Soraka, whose primary gameplay loop revolves around sacrificing her health to heal allies.

As such many of Soraka’s abilities are not high-damage spells and instead focus on the insane utility that she can provide. This is particularly true for her ultimate Wish. Wish heals all of Soraka’s allies regardless of distance. The global range makes this spell incredibly potent as she’s able to have a presence wherever she is on the map. Despite this ability being only a healing spell, one player found a way to utilize its more combative capabilities.

LoL player shuts down enemy Kayn using Soraka’s ultimate

Reddit user Fraxton was playing a game of Soraka on Summoner’s Rift. As Soraka they were fulfilling their main duty of keeping their allies alive. When they spotted their Anivia getting low on health, they popped their ultimate, expecting to save their ally from an untimely demise.

What Fraxton didn’t expect was receiving a 900 gold payday for themselves after shutting down the enemy Kayn.

For those wondering how a harmless Soraka ultimate could possibly deal damage, it was thanks to the recently added Echoes of Helia item. This item gains charges upon dealing damage to enemies, which are then expended when you support an ally healing the ally and dealing damage to any nearby enemy.

It just so happened that Echoes of Helia procced specifically on Anivia, which meant that the nearest enemy aka Kayn was hit with the damage and slain. The chances of this happening are exceedingly low, but at least Fraxton can spend that bonus gold on more wards for their team.

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