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Tyler1 has a hilarious reaction after winning the closest game of League of Legends ever

Published: 22/Feb/2019 11:25 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 11:56

by Joe O'Brien


Popular streamer Tyler1 had a hilarious reaction after winning an unbelievably close game in ranked League of Legends.

Tyler1 is one of the most popular streamers in League of Legends, known both for his high-level play and his exuberant demeanor.

While playing a ranked match during a recent stream, Tyler1 and his team were able to pull off an incredible come-back after coming almost unimaginably close to losing.

An enemy push looked sure to end the game, as though Tyler1’s team managed to finish off the enemy players, an enormous minion wave featuring super minions was left hitting the nexus, almost guaranteed to finish it off with only one defender standing.


Riot GamesTyler1 was once banned for nearly two years from League of Legends, but has since returned to being one of the game’s most popular figures.

Though the Nexus did get so low its health bar was barely even visible, Tyler1’s team did somehow manage to fend off the minions, with Gragas using his ultimate to buy precious seconds and Yasuo flashing forward from the fountain to catch a minion mere milliseconds away from dealing the game-ending blow.

Incredibly, despite having had three inhibitors down and their Nexus on the brink of destruction, Tyler1’s team was able to turn the game around, defending long enough to counter-attack and ultimately claiming victory.

After the game ended, Tyler1 went back to review the demo and was even more stunned by just how close it was. He revealed that he’d already been preparing insults for the post-game lobby, and watched in amazement as the Nexus was hit down to just 28 health.


Tyler1 was also blown away as he realized that the game had even then been saved by Yasuo, whose flash forward killed a super-minion in the middle of its attack animation.

After returning from a near two-year ban from League of Legends in early 2018, Tyler1 has reestablished himself as one of the game’s most popular figures, and even repaired his relationship with Riot Games to the point that he has appeared on several official broadcasts for the likes of LCS and All-Stars.