TFT adds Genshin Impact-inspired Treasure Realms system: New microtransaction model explained

Liam Ho
Genshin Impact crossover with TFT fade

Teamfight Tactics has announced its new Genshin-Inspired microtransaction system called Treasure Realms, here’s what you need to know about the new model.

Teamfight Tactics has been an incredible success for Riot Games. The auto-battler has left its mark on the company and has seen several sets and mid-set expansions throughout its four years of existence.

Teamfight Tactics has also been a massive success for Riot monetarily, with the cosmetic team constantly cranking out adorable Little Legends, Chibi Champions, and fantastical Arena skins.

Now in Set 8.5, Riot is looking to shift up how players will receive their TFT cosmetics, completely removing the previous Egg system and replacing it with the new Treasure Realms. Treasure Realms will be replacing Eggs come Patch 13.10 for League of Legends, so here’s everything you need to know before it hits the live servers.


TFT Treasure Realms: How does it work?

Treasure Realms will allow players to spend the new generic currency Treasure Tokens on different “Bounties”. These bounties will contain a unique selection of content, this includes Mythic Arenas, Little Legends, and Chibi Champions in both base and Mythic Forms.

Treasure Tokens will cost a similar amount of RP to an Egg, about 100 Treasure Tokens for 390 RP. Each time a player spends a Treasure Tokens it will roll a random item from the Bounty. Players can opt to also roll 10 Treasure tokens instead, allowing for mass rolling at one time.

Players of Genshin Impact or the recently released Honkai Star Rail will be familiar with this system, as it’s similar to their Wish or Warp rolling feature.

TFT Treasure Realms: Rates and Rewards

Bounties will have three tiers of Content, Star, Highlighted, and Standard. Star Content is the rarest reward, often being Mythic Chibis, Mythic Arena skins, and more. These will normally be featured on the Bounty itself as the main reward.

Highlighted Content will contain some rare content and older legacy rewards, this can include rewards from TFT passes of previous sets that were unavailable prior to this system.

Finally, Standard Content will comprise mostly of the previously-released Little Legends.

All of these forms of content will have a different percentage drop rate, with Star being incredibly rare, Highlighted being somewhat rare and Standard being common. Riot has provided an example using the upcoming Mecha Prime Zero bounty as an example.

TFT Treasure Realms Drop Rates for Mecha Prime Zero
Treasure Realms drop rates may change from Bounty to Bounty.

It’s worth noting that these drop rates may change from bounty to bounty, and therefore may not be a static percent chance of receiving rare loot.

TFT Treasure Realms: Is there a pity system?

Like Genshin-Impact, Treasure Realms will also feature a pity system, ensuring that RNG doesn’t get the best of the player base.

Star Content and other rare items will have a static X% drop rate on any given Bounty. However, players are guaranteed to receive at least one of the Star Content rewards on a Bounty after a maximum of 61 attempts.

This pity system carries across multiple Bounties, meaning that you can spend Treasure Tokens on one Bounty to increase your counter, then swap to another Bounty and have the previous rolls counted.

Treasure Realms Key Art
Treasure Realms will give players the option of picking and choosing when to use their Guaranteed drop.

This counter will be visible on the Treasure Realms page, meaning you can ensure you know when you’re next guaranteed a Star Content drop.

However, if you’ve already received all the Star Content in a Bounty and continue to roll for rewards, reaching the guaranteed drop will give you a Promise Token instead. This can be used to immediately receive Star Content from one of the active Treasure Realm Bounties.

TFT Treasure Realms: What’s happening to eggs?

Eggs are going to be completely replaced when Treasure Realms rock around. These eggs will not be immediately replaced, however, with Riot allowing you to hold onto them and open them at any time. Eggs will also be available in the store until Patch 13.12, despite the Treasure Realms system being introduced in Patch 13.10.

Any egg in the TFT pass will instead be replaced with 100 Treasure Tokens, allowing for players to still receive awards for completing the pass.