TFT 5-year Bash event: Start dates, rewards, content and more

Liam Ho
TFT Birthday Event Art

Teamfight Tactics will be celebrating its 5th anniversary with a new game mode, plenty of prizes, and birthday gifts on offer. Here’s what we know so far.

It’s been five whole years since we saw the introduction of Riot’s addictive auto battler Teamfight Tactics. Since then, we’ve seen 11 sets, plenty of new traits, and even new original units introduced to the game.

Now, the devs are planning a big celebration for all those who want to join, including free Treasure Tokens, a new game mode, and more. Looking to get more info before the event drops? We’ve got you covered.

Teamfight Tactics 5-year Bash start date

Teamfight Tactics fifth anniversary Bash event will start on June 12, 2024. This coincides with patch 14.12. The event will end on July 15, 2024, giving players over a month to take part in the festivities.

Teamfight Tactics 5-year Bash rewards

The event will be providing players with a free event pass, complete with an emote that provides a temporary trail to be used in-game when equipped. It’s worth noting that equipping this emote into your loadout will also override any of the other trails you may have equipped.

TFT Birthday Login Rewards

On top of that, Teamfight Tactics is offering login bonuses in the form of Treasure Tokens. By logging in 10 times total throughout the event, you can grab up to 500 Treasure Tokens and the “I Celebrate” emote for free. These Treasure Tokens can be used to roll in the Treasure Realms, giving you a chance at mythic content among other things.

Teamfight Tactics 5-year Bash content

Pengu will also be hosting a new game mode throughout the event. Pengu’s Party will be a limited-time mode that brings traits from past sets to bolster your roster in Set 11. The carousel is also being decorated with new decals.

Sets one and two are returning with Phantom, Imperial, Mountain, and Glacial as available traits to pick up. Phantom is arguably the most infamous of the bunch, randomly reducing an enemy unit to low health, potentially instantly winning you a fight.

Sets three and four return with Mech-Pilot, Rebel, Elderwood, and The Boss. This means Sett will be returning in the form of an item, which seemingly makes the ally holding it do situps when they drop below a certain HP, granting a tonne of bonus stats.

Party Crab in TFT's Anniversary Event

Each set will be represented by two highlight traits, and you’ll be able to pick and choose them at certain points throughout the game. On top of that, you might get visited by the mysterious Party Crab, which is making its first appearance.

Tristana is also getting her very own Chibi as a part of the 5-Year Bash. With her Mythic variant being Chibi Pengu Cosplay Tristana, it’s a perfect tie-in for the renowned auto-battler.

That’s everything you need to know about Teamfight Tactics’ 5-Year Bash. We’ll be sure to keep this space updated as more information is released.