Ruler parts ways with Gen.G following Worlds 2022 run

Carver Fisher

World champion ADC Ruler has left Gen.G following run at Worlds 2022. Despite taking first place in the regular season with the team, he’s looking for a new home in 2023.

Park ‘Ruler’ Jae-hyuk has been one of the best ADCs in the world for years. Ever since he won Worlds in 2017, he’s maintained his high level of play up until he finally got his first LCK title in 2022.

Despite their success within the LCK, Gen.G weren’t able to maintain that level of performance at Worlds 2022. They narrowly defeated DWG KIA on their path to Semifinals, but they ultimately fell to DRX. That was viewed as them underperforming at the time, but now, with DRX taking home the championship, things aren’t so black and white.

Either way, Ruler has officially left Gen.G a short time after their run at Worlds. He has decided not to re-sign with the organization, and he’ll be looking for another team in 2023.

Ruler departs Gen.G after dropping out of Worlds 2022

To call a Semifinals run at Worlds a failure may seem strange, but winning the entire championship is the only thing that would have matched Gen.G’s regular season performance. Teams that they bested with ease domestically got the better of them at Worlds, and Gen.G wasn’t able to get Ruler his second world title.

This is the first time since 2016 that Ruler is a free agent and is looking for a new team. He will likely seek out an org that can bring him a second world title.

Along with an announcement video outlining Ruler’s achievements within the organization, Gen.G said that they’re retiring Ruler’s jersey number to honor his legacy on the team.

Nothing has been said about which team this star ADC player could end up on, but, considering that he just took a domestic title, he’s bound to be a highly contested acquisition in the off-season.