GenG Ruler talks about Worlds 2022 crowd buff and how Lehends made him a better ADC

RulereluR | Twitter

After their 3-0 win over T1 to win the LCK title, GenG fell to RNG in their very first match at Worlds 2022. Despite the loss, however, Ruler was still in high spirits and sat down to chat with Dexerto.

GenG is heavily favored for Worlds 2022, and Park ‘Ruler‘ Jae-hyuk has had a huge impact in this team’s wins. He’s cemented himself as the best ADC in the LCK, and he’s looking to carry that performance into Worlds.

Ruler was happy to talk with us about his first LCK title win this year, as well as some of the details behind what it’s been like to develop as a player since he won Worlds in 2017. He also had his thoughts on the current meta, and how Lehends has helped guide him through it.

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Many players, especially those coming from Asia, have been in the US for a bit. Giving themselves time to adjust to playing in a different timezone is something that will undoubtedly serve them well, but it’s also given players time to explore the city.

GenG Ruler gets a huge crowd buff

While some pros have enjoyed their time in New York City so far, Ruler wasn’t as keen on the city. At least, not at first.

“I had more time than I thought I would, so I did have some time to look around. Until today’s match, I wasn’t really feeling it. But, after today’s match, I finally feel like I’m at an event.”

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And having that audience really hyped up GenG. Ruler’s been playing for a long time and has managed to win in front of a massive audience. Having that crowd in front of him is a big motivator.

“It’s been a long time since we had an audience at Worlds. As I was entering the stage today, I finally felt like I was back in it. I was talking to Lehends about how this is how it should be, and it was exciting. But I’m very sorry that the fans who cheered for me didn’t see the GenG that they wanted.”

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Teaching an old dog new tricks

This GenG roster has its fair share of standout players. Every player on the team has their own background and long history as a pro. Lehends is no different, and, through his unique view of the game, he’s been able to help Ruler grow as a player.

“It is fun to practice with him. He sees things that I don’t. To practice things and get in sync with him was a very fun experience with me. I have to say that, since both of us have hit a significant point in our careers, and I feel like we were able to understand each other much easier and not feel much pressure playing together.”

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Ruler and Lehends are the kind of duo that can laugh off Lehends flipping Jax right into him, killing him on accident. Where some people would get tilted by their teammates’ mistakes, GenG sticks together and keep their heads held high.

Even if their first game was a loss, the fact that they were able to take that loss and keep their spirits high bodes well for when this team will have to play through Best of 5s later in the tournament.

Ruler doesn’t have to find motivation; it’s always been there

Interviewing a player immediately after their loss can be difficult for players. But, for Ruler, he seemed unshaken, optimistic, and confident.

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“Even though we lost today, the tournament isn’t over. Although we are all very disappointed and upset about the result today, I don’t think we should dwell on it. It’s very important for us to come back.”

Ruler’s been one of the best ADCs in the LCK for a long time. But he hasn’t been the best in his region for a while. This player is no stranger to taking a loss or two on the long path to victory.

Sure, he won Worlds in 2017, but Ruler didn’t get his first LCK title until this year. Through all of that, Ruler never lost his motivation; he always wanted to improve. And, even past having won both a domestic title and a world championship, he’s still driven to keep improving.

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“In traditional sports or esports, I feel like a lot of people look for motivation. But that wasn’t the case for me. I always thought that I wanted to be better.”

“I always try to be better at what I do. That’s how I’m here now.”