Ruler finally breaks LCK curse as star AD carry hits best form ahead of Worlds

Terry Oh
LCK Summer Finals Ruler

Ruler’s phenomenal performance breaks Gen.G’s curse against T1, beating their rivals during an essential series. This marks Ruler’s first LCK title, during a season where he also won the Regular season’s MVP, player of the split, and All-LCK First Team.

Prior to the LCK Summer Finals against T1, Park ‘Ruler’ Jae-hyuk warmed up at his computer, seemingly unphased by the flashing cameras and pressure of the event.

Korea’s best adc omitted an aura of confidence, an aura which pictures and videos do not do justice. His gaze pierced forward, as if looking towards the future with only one thing in mind: victory.

Ruler LCK finals
Ruler focuses in on his immediate goal: winning finals

“Before we even won, I knew we could win,” Ruler asserted to the crowd. Despite his team being frequently stonewalled by T1, Gen.G demolished their rivals 3-0 — cleansing Ruler and Gen.G’s curse, with Ruler earning his first ever LCK finals victory.

Ruler is a veteran League of Legends player, having earned an amazing reputation throughout his years of professional play. But despite his successful history in the esport, he had yet to win a single LCK split, He’s even won worlds before, but the LCK title effectively eluded the gifted marksmen for years.

He recalls key moments in his career history, sharing them with the media. “After the LCK 2019 summer, I was incredibly sad, and generally felt really sorry. During that time, I contemplated quitting because I was so exhausted.” For context, Gen.G placed sixth during the specific split Ruler refers to — showcasing one the Ruler’s weakest competitive performances.

But despite the obstacles, Ruler carried on — pushing past the obstacles thereby allowing him to become the behemoth of a player he is today. “The fans continued supporting me despite my loss. From that point on, I decided I’m never going to think like that ever again, and instead do the best that I can no matter.”

After encountering T1 during the LCK Spring 2022 finals, where T1 continued their record breaking win streak by destroying Gen.G 3-1, Ruler could have easily become demoralized. But by utilizing the lessons he learned from the past, he kept his eye on the prize — looking to T1 as an obstacle to overcome rather than an unbreakable wall.

The adc of Gen.G only seems to be improving, showing a similar competitive edge as he showed when competing under SSG during Worlds 2017 — where the team won against SKT1 during the finals.

When asked to compare now and back then, Ruler states “Well, things are vey different from now and 2017. Back then, I didn’t make plays on my own, and rather followed up on my teammates’ calls. But now, I direct a lot of the plays as well as adjusting to the plays my teammates call.”

He continued, sharing his input on his phenomenal performance: “I think for worlds, if I show the same form I did for the LCK, I will win a lot of the bottom lane match ups and win many games with my team as we show great plays.”

LCK Summer finals Ruler
Ruler flaunts the LCK Finals Ring after a well earned victory against T1

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship will kick off on the 29th September, concluding in early November.