Riot are apparently testing a seventh item slot for League of Legends

Andrew Amos
Thunderlord Ornn in League of Legends

An screenshot accidently uploaded by Riot has revealed the developers have been testing out a seventh item slot for League of Legends ⁠— the first inventory size increase in the game’s history.

While League of Legends’ items have evolved season-on-season, inventory size has remained the same throughout the game’s history.

League of Legends has had the six item slot system since the game’s launch back in 2009. Riot did add a seventh slot for trinkets in Season 4, but player builds have always been capped at the six item mark.

However, a screenshot uploaded in Riot’s preview of Challenges coming in League of Legends Season 12 showed the devs testing with a seven-item slot system ⁠— plus trinkets.

League of Legends item scoreboard screen Season 12 with seven items
Riot shared a screenshot of an expanded League of Legends inventory accidentally on November 12. The image has since been taken down.

Riot did brush aside the changes though, saying they have “no plans” to bring a seventh item slot to League of Legends yet.

However, they do want to expand inventory space for players ⁠— akin to what they did for trinkets in Season 4.

“No plans for a seventh item,” communications lead Paul ‘Aether’ Perscheid said on November 12.

“We’ve been exploring thoughts for what to do with the extra space, but it won’t be ‘hey you get to buy an extra item’ cause that has way more impact beyond the scoreboard.”

With the option presented to players, some have called on Riot to increase the amount of item slots for other game modes like URF, Nexus Blitz, or even ARAM. Others have theorized having a seventh dedicated slot for control wards, meaning vision won’t be sacrificed in the late game.

Any changes to League of Legends’ inventory size won’t be coming in Season 12 though, if ever. There are new items being added in preseason, but Boris won’t be giving you a bigger bag to carry your wares in.

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