6 League of Legends stories that deserve the Arcane Netflix treatment

Andrew Amos
Irelia crouching in League of Legends with Arcane logo

Arcane, League of Legends’ first foray into a true cinematic universe, has been a hit with players. Now, fans of Riot want more. We’ve got a list of six LoL stories that deserve the Netflix treatment, spanning across Runeterra.

League of Legends players ⁠— and even those who haven’t heard of Runeterra before ⁠— are enamoured with Arcane.

The Netflix show has been a hit with seasoned players and first-timers alike, telling the story of sisters Powder (later Jinx) and Vi as they struggle through their upbringing in Zaun. With plenty of cameos from League’s most iconic champions, it’s setting the blocks for a Riot cinematic universe down the line.

With a vast amount of lore ⁠— and 157 champs to choose from ⁠— there’s plenty of League stories that deserve the ‘Arcane’ treatment. Riot are planning on doing more, and we’ve got a list of the best ones they could adapt into a mini-series.

Ryze’s story, first teased in Arcane

Ryze casts a spell in Arcane.
Players are convinced Ryze made an appearance in Arcane, so it seems only fitting one of League’s most iconic champions also gets a show.

It’s not confirmed yet ⁠— but we’re pretty sure Ryze made a cameo appearance at the start of the second episode of Arcane, in Jayce’s flashback about Hextech crystals. He was inspired by the power of this magic, and is now devoting his life to the craft.

The backstory behind one of League of Legends’ most iconic champions would make a great Arcane-style mini-series though. The ancient mage has seen it all, and wields some impressive magic with the World Runes.

The backstory of the World Runes, and his quest to try and save the artifacts from ruin, would be a great way to tie in the wider Runeterra world with the current Arcane series in Piltover and Zaun, as well as introduce further champions to new viewers.

Demacia’s sahga with Lux, Garen, and Sylas

Lux spinning staff and staring in League of Legends
Lux’s story of exile, and Demacia’s relationship with magic, would make for a great League story.

Even if you aren’t the biggest League of Legends lore buff, there’s two regions you’ve likely heard of: Demacia and Noxus. The rivalling factions have been at each other’s throats for centuries ⁠— with Noxus pushing for world domination while Demacia aims to keep order.

However, within Demacia they are also fighting an internal war with magic. The story has been touched on somewhat in the Season 10 Warriors cinematic with Lux using her magical powers for the first time in the middle of the city centre; something unbecoming of a Demacian noble.

This internal conflict, with a mage kept in exile to save her family’s noble status, would have an insane cast of characters like Garen, Sylas, Jarvan IV, and Sona. There’s plenty of opportunity for world building in arguably League’s most iconic city-state, with a great story for all to be told.

Ionian mini-series diving on the Kinkou Order

Akali League of Legends splash art
Ionia’s Kinkou Order has plenty of tales.

The First Lands are one of Runeterra’s most sacred places, and Ionia’s people have defended it from invaders for millennia. The self-proclaimed protectors, the Kinkou Order, are usually on the frontlines of those battles.

Not only do they vet the people entering into Ionia as a semi-mercenary group, they also fight to stop enemies from tarnishing the spiritual landscape.

However, the internal politics of the Kinkou Order are a fascinating story in itself. From Shen raising up his group into peaceful protectors, to Akali leaving the Order to defend Ionia on her own terms, and stories of champions like Zed and Kennen also interlinked, there’s plenty to cover ⁠— before branching into the story of the Noxian Invasion of Ionia with Irelia, Karma, and more.

Bilgewater, but with Twisted Fate and Graves

Cutthroat Graves and Cutthroat Twisted Fate in League of Legends
We’ve seen some of Bilgewater, but more Twisted Fate and Graves content can’t hurt.

We’ve already had the slightly serious Bilgewater event back in Season 5 with Miss Fortune and Gangplank, diving into their bitter feud stemming from when Gangplank killed Miss Fortune’s parents.

What about the antics of Twisted Fate and Graves though?

The two are tight. Both know the lawless land of Bilgewater well, and have travelled Runeterra together to search for the most lucrative treasure. Sure, it ended pretty badly for Graves (at least in his lore so far), but the stories of the two journeymen would certainly put a different spin on the region from its previous lore explorations.

The rise and fall of Shurima

Riot Games
The Emperor of Shurima and his kingdom’s fall would make good TV.

The ancient empire of Shurima was once the biggest in Runeterra. However, the desert state’s prosperity was undone by Xerath ⁠— once a great friend of Azir’s, who even gave him his name (that means “one who shares”).

Xerath was a slave, while Azir was next in line to the Shuriman throne. Azir used his friend to further his quest to take the mantle, before reneging all his promises to abolish slavery in Shurima and finally elevate Xerath.

Peaking at the Day of Ascension, Xerath betrayed Azir as the former emperor looked to gain immortality, but in doing so leveled the prosperous kingdom of Shurima as they knew it. Now, they are both fighting to sit atop Shurima’s throne, and make the kingdom glorious again.

The story of the Gods would translate well into a Netflix series ⁠— don’t forget about Nasus and Renekton ⁠— and this one would have some epic action on top of it too.

Freljord and the story of The Three Sisters

Lissandra in TFT
Lissandra’s backstory could be explored by Riot if they look to Freljord and the story of the Three Sisters.

Finally, we head to the bitter North ⁠— Runeterra’s Freljord region. With plenty of myths around the formation of the lands, the tales of the Three Sisters (which lead into the tribes of today) would be a fascinating exploration into League of Legends’ history.

It’ll have stories from the old gods like Ornn, Anivia, and Volibear, who were there when the “myths” were written of Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra. The modern faces of the region like Ashe, Sejuani, Braum, and Olaf would bring those stories to life.

The frosted landscape even ties us back into Jayce’s flashback in Arcane, when he and his mother were saved by a runic mage (presumed to be Ryze).

The storylines Riot could garner from League of Legends are endless, and there’s so many deserving of the Arcane treatment. Now it’s just a matter of when, not if, we get more League TV adaptations.

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