Riot previews LoL’s new 2v2v2v2 arcade mode with powerful champion augments

Liam Ho
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Riot has unveiled more details on its new 2v2v2v2 arcade game mode for League of Legends, showcasing powerful champion augments. These will be similar to those found in the current iteration of Riot’s auto battler Teamfight Tactics.

Riot has released a new League of Legends developer blog talking about the state of game modes in 2023. After responding to the lack of diversity in game modes and events, Riot is looking to up their game as they roll into Season 13. This news comes in the wake of popular game modes such as Nexus Blitz being promised to return to League within 2022, with a failed delivery and re-issued game modes for events.

Riot has given players more information about the new “2v2v2v2” game mode they’re currently developing. With aims towards an arcadey feel, Riot is focusing on getting players into the action faster. They’re also hoping on reducing the time players spend respawning, so they can hop back into the fight immediately.

riot games league of legends magma chamber
It’s possible we see the return of Magma Chamber as a map for the game mode, based on the 2v2 format.

According to the dev blog, the mode will involve several death match-style rounds. Champions will slowly progress and gain more power throughout the game, with items, levels, and augments included. Teams that lose too many rounds will be eliminated, meaning that players can queue up right away and get back into the action. Riot has likened this to League’s version of Teamfight Tactics’ popular Double Up mode.

Alongside this, Riot has teased a new feature to the game mode, in the hopes that they can “Push champion customization beyond where League has traditionally gone.” This feature comes in the form of augments for champions. Augments will work similarly to that in Teamfight Tactics, granting players the choice to alter their champion’s capabilities, resulting in gameplay variation from match to match.

league of legends 2v2 augments
Augments will seemingly be the highlight of League’s newest game mode.

As shown in the image, it seems players will be offered from a set of 3 augments, similar to that of TFT. These augments will enhance your champion, allowing them to perform feats that would otherwise be impossible in the regular game mode.

Some of the example augments showcased included granting bonus attack range to champions or having champions automatically cast other champion skills at intervals.

The game mode will also showcase a brand new map for League of Legends, as confirmed by Riot Maxw3ll. The game mode itself will also be limited time, however, similar to that of Nexus Blitz.

Whilst still in development, augments and other features in the game mode are subject to change. However, Riot is planning on getting it into the hands of players as soon as possible, slating for an experimental release this summer.