Nexus Blitz may never come back to League of Legends

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A reddit thread where developers at Riot discussed League of Legends’ recent issues has revealed that, while devs are looking into ways to bring back the mode, we may never see it again.

Once upon a time, League of Legends had a wide variety of game modes to choose from. While ARAM still exists for those trying to goof around and avoid Summoner’s Rift, there used to be many more options.

Dominion wasn’t around for long, but Twisted Treeline stuck around for several years and even had its own set of items. Players lamented the loss of these alternate game modes until Nexus Blitz came along, giving players a new alternative to Summoner’s Rift.

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However, the game mode was gone within a few months. And, according to some developer comments in a Reddit thread, the current development team at Riot doesn’t know when they’ll be able to bring the mode back.

League of Legends game mode Nexus Blitz is up in the air

Nexus Blitz was a mode meant to create a more condensed League of Legends experience, one that can be played and completed within 20 minutes, something that Summoner’s Rift lacks.

It can be hard to tell just how long a game of League of Legends will take. Some matches are over within 20 minutes, but queue times combined with pick/ban and playing out the game can make a single League of Legends match take up to an hour.

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League of Legends fans liked this new direction, but it’s been revealed that continued development for the mode has been very troubled. While Nexus Blitz isn’t off the table, there’s a distinct possibility that we will never see the mode return.

This developer gave an in-depth reply addressing the community’s concerns about Nexus Blitz, as well as the speculation that the team working on these game modes was playing favorites by focusing on ARAM. The gist of what they said is this:

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“We don’t know when Nexus Blitz is coming back, not because we don’t want to bring it back, but because we currently don’t know what work is needed to bring it back.” This answer seems strange at first, but it’s elaborated upon by it being revealed that most of the team working on Nexus Blitz originally is gone.

Simply put, those who created Nexus Blitz aren’t around to balance the mode. It had accelerated gold gains, leveling, and different map objectives for players to fight for, making balancing it difficult, especially if you don’t have people from the original team in a place of leadership.

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This is why ARAM got changed, and we had radio silence about Nexus Blitz, the team “chose to deliver the ARAM changes over delivering nothing.”

While they’re “making progress” in creating a version of Nexus Blitz worth releasing, there’s no release date or guarantee we’ll ever see the mode again.

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