Riot Games respond to major League of Legends client issues

Daniel Cleary

The League of Legends client and its bugs have left many fans frustrated in recent years, and after the latest wave of community backlash, Riot has responded with an update on their plans to implement fixes.

Since the release of the game’s latest launcher in early 2017, many players have been left frustrated after logging on to encounter a black screen or finding that the LoL client simply won’t open at times.

The client has led to other issues as well such as making players unable to select champions or even queue up for a match without having to be restarted, causing them to lose LP and receive dodge penalties.

League of Legends players have encountered bugs that prevent them from choosing champions.

While Riot has patched quite a few of the initial bugs that were causing issues, countless players are still frequently affected and have called on the dev team to implement a fix.

Following the latest wave of community backlash on the League of Legends subreddit, Riot Games’ communication lead Ryan Rigney responded to fans with how devs are approaching the problem.

“The new comms approach on this is to provide a detailed update at least every two months sharing progress on client work,” he said, highlighting the team’s first Client Cleanup Campaign post as an example.

Riot Games dev’s response to the League client issues.

“I think we do ourselves and you all a disservice when we put out vague promises to “fix it”,” he continued, promising to share “very explicit technical information about not just improvements we’re making, but also setbacks.”

He revealed that fixing the client was a lot more complex than some fans would have believed it to be and was hopeful that players would understand why it was taking so long to resolve.

As of now, Riot does not have an expected date for all of the client’s issues to be fixed but they revealed in early March they would be rolling out multiple changes for the launcher in the following months.

While the client issues remain a high priority for the development team, Riot has recently revealed many other changes that they are planning on bringing to Summoner’s Rift, sharing some of the new champions, events and game modes planned.