Riot Games has started work on a League of Legends cinematic universe

Isaac McIntyre
Senna appears in the League of Legends cinematic universe movie television.Riot Games

Riot Games has begun work on a League of Legends “cinematic universe,” with plans to bring their world-famous MOBA title to the world of film and television in a similar vein to Marvel’s now-blueprint plan for building a movie franchise.

Buckle up summoners: LoL is headed for Hollywood.

According to several Riot Games job listings posted earlier this month, the League of Legends devs are finally looking to branch out onto the silver screen.

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Riot is looking for two key roles to kick start their “cinematic universe”. The first is a Global Head of Live Action Film ⁠— think Kevin Feige at Marvel ⁠⁠— as well as a Global Head of Live Action TV. These roles will exist alongside the animated department that is already developing the upcoming “Arcane” series.

Both roles will be based at Riot’s main studios in Los Angeles.

The listing continues, “As the gaming landscape continues to collide with entertainment, we’re building a new team to bring Riot’s IPs to players around the world in new ways, and invite new audiences into the fold. This team will aim to show players and the world that entertainment now starts with games.”

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Once these two roles are filled, Riot reportedly plans to begin work on “scripted series for the League of Legends cinematic universe, and new franchises.”

League of Legends has a massive cast of characters a film series could draw from.Riot Games
League of Legends has a massive cast of heroes & villains a film series could draw from.

Riot Games’ expansion beyond their now-decade old League of Legends title has been explosive since the studio celebrated its 10th anniversary in late 2019.

The developers launched their first FPS title ⁠— “Valorant” ⁠— just last year, and have a slate of planned games on the horizon too.

These include a new fighting game, as well as the single-player Ruined King title, adventure game “Project F,” Conv/rgence, tabletop release “Tellstones,” and a now-confirmed MMORPG.

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Auto-battler clone TFT has also been a raging success.

Every LoL fan has been waiting for one thing though; a new “cinematic universe” set in the magic-soaked, adventure-filled world of Runeterra.

Riot GamesRiot Games
LoL fans have been calling for a live-action ‘Runeterra’ series since late 2009.

Dexerto reached out to several Riot sources, but details on the planned projects are still few and far between. In all likelihood, Riot’s new silver screen team will follow the blueprint laid out by Marvel, considering its blockbuster success.

As soon as we have our hands on any possible film, television, or series release dates ⁠— speculative or otherwise ⁠— we’ll be sure to let you know.

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"The new "cinematicRiot Games
The new “cinematic universe” will run alongside upcoming animated LoL series ‘Arcane.’

While any “LOLCU” will still be a ways off, “Arcane” is just around the corner ⁠— Riot hasn’t locked in a release date just yet, but it’s slated to drop this year.

Set in the past, Arcane will retell origin stories for several League of Legends characters from Piltover and Zaun. These include popular bot laners like Caitlyn and Jinx, as well as junglers Vi and Warwick. Sisters Jinx and Vi are set to star. Ekko, Ziggs, and Heimerdinger may also appear in the series.

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It is unclear yet whether the “Arcane” storylines will be the first official release in the now-planned LoL cinematic universe, or their own standalone narrative.

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