MOONMOON brutally roasts League stream sniper: “You despicable loser”

Lawrence Scotti
moon league of legends

Twitch streamer MOONMOON hilariously belittled a viewer who asked if he could stream snipe his match of League of Legends, and clapped back with “go f**k yourself.”

League of Legends kicked off Season 12 on January 7, welcoming a host of new players to its already enormous community.

One of those new players was Twitch star MOONMOON, who has just begun to play ranked solo queue just this year.

Barely a month into streaming the MOBA and MOONMOON already had an encounter with a stream sniper, a fan he then laid into with brutal yet perfect insults.

Twitch streamer MoonMoon playing Overwatch
MOONMOON has over 1 million Twitch followers.

MOONMOON hits out at stream sniper

The Twitch streamer was live on January 22 when a viewer asked if he could “smurf snipe” him.

“Look man, do it if you want,” the streamer started. “If that’s what makes you happy in your poor and pathetic, miserable life. That you have a League of Legends smurf and you want to snipe me, someone who has only 100 ranked games total and five percent of your playtime, please do snipe me.”

The roasting didn’t stop there however. “Clearly you are so joyless in the rest of your life and you need that pick-me-up, and I’m willing to give it to you. Because losing a game of League means nothing to me,” the stream added. “But, if it means the world to you I will gladly Jesus for you, I will die for your f**king sins, you despicable loser.”

MOONMOON had a field day hitting out at the stream sniper, and concluded the clip with a hearty: “Go f**k yourself.”

Many popular Twitch streamers have to deal with stream snipers ruining their gaming sessions, and most of them don’t take too kindly to it.