LS explains why Tyler1 won’t hit Challenger in League during Korea trip

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Twitch streamer and former Cloud9 head coach Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare explained why he doesn’t believe Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp will reach Challenger rank in League of Legends when he heads to Korea in late April for his next challenge.

On April 14, the star Twitch streamer announced he’d be traveling to South Korea, along with fellow LoL streamer Tarzaned, in his quest to hit Challenger rank through only queuing up using the auto-fill role.

After the announcement, LS, who has lived in South Korea for a decade now, shared his thoughts on the decision as well as why Tyler will struggle in the region.

tyler1 league of legends
Tyler1 has already hit Challenger in every role on the North America server.

LS on why Tyler1 won’t get Challenger in Korea

LS was live on April 15 when he expanded on why Tyler will struggle in the region’s solo queue, which is notorious for its highly skilled players at every rank.

“I don’t think Tyler will get it. I don’t know how long he’s staying. The thing is, Tyler climbed by being smarter than NA players, while also having advantageous ping. On Korea, the problem is Silver and Gold players will have better mechanics than Tyler’s used to playing in his average games.”

He continued, “They’re still dumb. They are really dumb, but they are gonna have better mechanics. So it’s gonna be really weird for him.”

Korea’s most popular pro-player, Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok recently hit out at the state of solo queue in Korea, calling games “slot machines” in a comparison to gambling.

LS did say that queuing up as auto-fill will help him carry some of his “basket case” teammates that await him in the region.

While LS is a huge fan of Tyler, and has been a friend to his long-term partner Macaiyla, he still thinks the popular streamer won’t be able to achieve his goal.

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