Twitch streamer Macaiyla asks to leave Cloud9 after backlash over Kanye West joke

. 4 months ago
cloud9 streamer caiyla
Instagram: macaiyla

Cloud9 steamer Macaiyla has asked to leave the esports organization following backlash over she made a joke about Kanye West and Ukraine.

In a tweet regarding the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Macaiyla joked that “Kanye would stop this war if he was president,” quickly prompting backlash for making light of the situation.

Following the now-deleted tweet, she has stated that she has asked to leave Cloud9 so that she can ” just say whatever.”

cloud9 caiyla makes kanye west joke on Twitter
Twitter: @macaiyla
Macaiyla’s joke didn’t sit well with fans.

Cloud9 Macaiyla responds to backlash

Following the backlash over the tweet, Macaiyla writes “my Kanye tweet was funny as f**k I don’t regret it FYI,” noting that Cloud9 “made me take it down.”

“You know who you’re following it ain’t my problem to make y’all feel good or be the good guy,” she continues. “Just reminding you I’m someone’s girlfriend I do not care about you. Ever. Remember that I’m here for money.” Macaiyla is the girlfriend of League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp.

“I don’t care if I’m a b*tch or ugly or nothing without Tyler. You are not wrong. You are 100% right. I’m here to make money for the kids I hope to have someday. I’m not getting off contemplating my life over randoms online. It’s about the money. Get money, move on. Sorry y’all.”

This was quickly followed by a post saying, “I should prolly leave the org so I can just say whatever,” which she then replied to with a poll asking “should I leave?”

From here, the response was simply “ok I asked to leave.”

Whether or not Macaiyla will leave the organization remains unclear, with Cloud9 making no statement regarding the incident so far.

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