LoL pro forgets to buy items in massive MSI 2023 blunder

LoL pro forgot to buy items MSI 2023Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

LOUD jungler Park ‘Croc’ Jong-hoon made a massive mistake to start their MSI 2023 run when he completely forgot to buy his items. While the casters noticed, neither him nor his teammates noticed for a while.

International competition is something teams all strive to make it to, and getting the chance to compete outside of your region is understandably intimidating. Stage nerves can really get to players and result in them making mistakes they normally wouldn’t.

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However, LOUD jungler Croc made a critical mistake to start their match against G2. Though he managed to outsmite the opposing jungler and secure his own buff, he didn’t hit level 2. He was confused until he realized what the problem was.

Croc forgot to buy items, a mistake that wound up throwing off his early game in his very first game at MSI 2023.

LOUD jungler Croc makes huge mistake in MSI 2023 debut

Croc is no stranger to international competition, even on LOUD. He’s been with the team for over a year now as an imported jungler from South Korea, and he has used his expertise to dominate within the region.

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However, the first team they were up against was G2. Sure, they didn’t have the strongest showing in the LEC 2023 Spring Split, but G2’s roster still has shown themselves to be one of the best teams in Europe.

Getting matched up against them gave LOUD one heck of a roadblock to start the tournament. And, unfortunately, Croc made a massive blunder to start the game.

Analysts like Caedrel immediately noticed the mistake, a mistake that Croc himself didn’t notice until almost 2 minutes into the match. His excitement about securing his buff was immediately followed by frustration at his own mistake.

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The player had visible emotional whiplash, and what would have been a great start turned into a nightmare. That said, he had a great recovery.

Despite being down on experience, Croc managed to get first blood against Caps and swung the early game in their favor. Only for LOUD to ultimately lose anyways after failing to carry their early lead through to a late game victory.

With only game 1 of their series being played out at the time of writing, LOUD still has potential to make this one an upset. Especially if all their players remember to buy their items.

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