League of Legends players furious as Star Guardian event tokens expire early

Terry Oh
League of Legends Star Guardian Event

After recently extending the Star Guardian event in League of Legends to make up for the plague of issues, Riot has received more criticism from angry fans for allowing the event tokens to expire ahead of the stated time, resulting in players losing hundreds, if not thousands, of tokens.

The Star Guardian event for League of Legends was a massive production — with a music video, brand new skins, and a plethora of cinematics. But despite the immense collaborative effort from Riot, the in-game event left lots to be desired from the community.

During its initial opening time, the Star Guardian event was fraught with bugs, preventing players from acquiring in game rewards thereby taking away from the biggest objective around participating.

In an attempt to mitigate the situation, and give back to the players, Riot launched a mini-event after the Star Guardian event technically finished, during which players could earn all the rewards by playing one game a day. This allowed the community to get their rightful rewards gained through the event, but at a far easier rate and pace.

Though this was a great step in making amends, the community once again voiced frustrations. Without much warning, the Star Guardian event tokens expired — hours ahead of the time Riot promised players.

Star Guardian Sona in League of Legends
League of Legends players were shocked to see their Star Guardian tokens expire earlier than intended.

Players criticized the fact Riot also didn’t extend the event shop duration after more missions were added. “Extending the token earning while removing them on the originally intended date — so those two dates collide — is just dumb,” one player said.

Other users go on to criticize Riot’s tendency to communicate many important details solely on Twitter, rather than posting on their websites: “Why is so much crucial information around events and updates on the personal twitters of individual rioters?!”

Due to the lack of effective communication, many of the players lost access to their tokens. And though the overall idea of giving back to the community came from good intent, the lack of an extension leaves a bit of a sour taste in many players’ mouths.

It’s unclear if Riot will give players back their missing tokens to quickly buy up the event shop.