League of Legends players furious as Riot hikes RP prices by up to 20%

True Damage Senna Prestige in League of LegendsRiot Games

League of Legends players — brace for impact. Riot is increasing the price of their in-game currency, Riot Points (RP), by up to 20% in some regions, and the community isn’t pleased.

Riot regularly adjusts RP prices across countries and regions to keep things in line as economies fluctuate. However, the developer has announced one of its biggest hikes yet is coming in a matter of weeks.

Starting August 19, Riot Games announced that they are increasing prices for RP and TFT coins costs to adjust for inflation.

Some regions are impacted more than most. For players in North America, they can expect an increase of around 10%. However, some countries in Europe like Poland are bracing for hikes of more than 20%.

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league of legends lol bewitching miss fortune prestige skinRiot Games
The price of RP is going up in League of Legends, making skins that bit more expensive.

Understanding full well that a price increase wouldn’t bode well with their players, Riot Games is holding a promotional event — during which they’re giving bonus RP and TFT coins on all purchases.

The promotion starts in every region from July 14 to July 31. But after the promotion, the price will be jumping up in a matter of weeks.

The community is outraged, criticizing Riot Games’ decision to raise the prices.

A Reddit user jokingly stated “it only makes sense raising RP prices, as shipping RP round Europe will be much more costly now.” As RP is and always will be a virtual currency for an online game, members of the community question the validity of the inflation argument.

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However, as prices for all goods around the world soar, this adjustment was just a matter of when, not if.

Star Guardian Sona in League of LegendsRiot Games
The Star Guardian promotion in July will be the last one under the old RP prices.

While RP prices are going up, it’s still important to note League of Legends and TFT are free-to-play — skins and cosmetics are often the only things players purchase with money in-game.

There’s even new ways to get free RP like with Prime Gaming or the upcoming Xbox Game Pass deal.

However, for those looking to round out their collections with some of the new Star Guardian skins or future cosmetics, prepare for the hit to your hip pocket.

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