Riot reveals return of League’s Essence Emporium and why it’s getting reworked

Riot Games

League of Legends developer Riot Game’s revealed the return of the Essence Emporium and just why the MOBA’s bi-annual shop will be going on hiatus after its next run.

The Essence Emporium is League of Legends’ bi-annual shop where players can spend Blue Essence on everything from skin chromas, profile icons, and the beloved Urfwick skin.

With the sale coming soon, Riot shared the dates for new next Essence Emporium sale, and why it will be the last one for a long time.

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Urfwick in League of LegendsRiot Games
Urfwick only appears in the store during the Essence Emporium, so get in quick to grab the rare skin.

League of Legends Essence Emporium returns

The Essence Emporium will be returning from June 28 – July 12. In that time period, players will be able to exchange their hard-earned Blue Essence for all types of goodies, both in-game and profile cosmetics.

Also returning is the Urfwick skin for Warwick, which is a special Warwick skin only available twice a year during the Essence Emporium sale.

Riot explains why League’s Essence Emporium is getting reworked

After the Emporium’s next run, it will be going on hiatus. Riot explained the decision to pull the shop down for major repairs, “The Emporium is built, tested, and shipped in a…not so great way that takes astronomically more work than any reasonable person would fathom. That cascades into delays and feature-cutting for things like events, missions, and other ways of getting stuff.”

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They continued their decision, “Beyond making the Emporium more efficient to run, we’re also exploring some long-needed navigation and usability improvements for when (not if) it returns.”

league of legends lol hextech amumu skinRiot Games
Riot will be putting the Essence Emporium on hiatus for a rework.

The company also employed all League players to spend their Blue Essence now while they still can as there is no timetable just yet on when the shop will return.

To make up for the temporary removal of the shop, Riot has shifted the three Gemstone icon bundles into a chain of three missions, free for all LoL players. The missions will grant players 10 Mythic Essence each, giving 30 Mythic Essence in total.

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Hopefully, while the Emporium is on hiatus, the game company can figure out how to make it more efficient to design and for players to enjoy.