Ultimate Lulu guide: Best League of Legends builds, runes, tips & tricks

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Lulu is one of League of Legends’ premier enchanters, buffing up her carries to dish out the pain on her behalf. If you want to pick up the Fae Sorceress, we’ve got everything you need to know about her in this guide, including the best runes and builds.

Lulu has floated around Summoner’s Rift from season-to-season, but she is most firmly at home in the bottom lane as a support. She is one of the game’s best enchanters, providing a host of utility as a jack-of-all-trades that others in the role can’t really match.

If you’re a first-time player or have grinded for the Mastery 7 badge, we’ve got the ultimate guide to mastering Lulu, including the best builds, runes, tips and tricks.

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Who is Lulu?

Lulu is a yordle hailing from Bandle City who loves nothing more than messing with magic and reshaping the reality around her. Playing around with people ⁠— and sometimes using her magic on them ⁠— she roams around Runeterra trying to get back to the Glade, the most magical spot of all.

On Summoner’s Rift, Lulu puts that magic to use, buffing up allies with shields and heals while turning enemies into harmless forest creatures and cupcakes as a support.

Lulu abilities & gameplay

Lulu’s kit was once flexible enough that she could be played across three roles: Top, mid, and support. While she’s still decent in the solo lanes, her home is down in the bot lane, where she can crank her AD carry’s stats to 11.

With shields, heals, and even an attack speed steroid, she’s the dream of auto-attackers across Runeterra like Kog’Maw. However, don’t sleep on her utility against enemies ⁠— Glitterlance is one of League’s most potent slows, and Whimsy is infuriating at best to face.

You’ll typically want to max your E shield in lane, as it doubles up as a potent poke and harass tool in fights. Her Q doesn’t really have that big scaling, so focusing on W second and the insane stat boost helps her team out tremendously (or the CC, which is arguably even better).

If you can get on top of a Lulu, you should be able to take her down. However, good luck trying to get there in the first place.

  • Passive: Pix, Faerie Companion ⁠— Pix fires magical bolts of energy whenever the champion he’s following attacks another enemy unit. These bolts are homing, but can be intercepted by other units.
  • Q: Glitterlance ⁠— Pix and Lulu each fire a bolt of magical energy that damages and heavily slows all enemies it hits.
  • W: Whimsy ⁠— If cast on an ally, grants them Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a short time. If cast on an enemy, turns them into an adorable critter that can’t attack or cast spells.
  • E: Help, Pix! ⁠— If cast on an ally, commands Pix to jump to an ally and shield them. He then follows them and aids their attacks. If cast on an enemy, commands Pix to jump to an enemy and damage them. He then follows them and grants you vision of that enemy.
  • R: Wild Growth ⁠— Lulu enlarges an ally, knocking nearby enemies into the air and granting the ally a large amount of bonus health. For the next few seconds, that ally gains an aura that slows nearby enemies.

Best build for Lulu

Lulu’s build is very much focused on buffing up her team. There’s no real full AP Lulu build anymore (sorry to all the Season 3 enthusiasts), but she can still deal plenty of damage early thanks to her base scalings.

She follows a typical enchanter support build of either Moonstone Renewer or Shurelya’s Battlesong as a mythic (Renewer is better in most situations), before diving right into the Forbidden Idol items.

Ardent Censor should be your first pickup if you have an auto-attack focused AD carry (which is where Lulu thrives), then Staff of Flowing Water. Then, your last item is pretty situational based on your team’s needs, but Vigilant Wardstone is the best all-round pick.

Top meta Lulu build in Season 11

  • Mythic: Moonstone Renewer / Shurelya’s Battlesong
  • Boots: Ionian Boots of Lucidity / Plated Steelcaps (if against heavy AD)
  • Spellthief’s Edge (her best support item)
  • Ardent Censor
  • Staff of Flowing Water
  • Mikael’s Blessing (if you need a cleanse)
  • Chemtech Putrifier (if you need healing reduction)
  • Vigilant Wardstone (if you hit level 13)
Space Groove Lulu is the enchanter's first Prestige skin.
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Space Groove Lulu is the enchanter’s first Prestige skin.

Best runes for Lulu

There are actually two rune pages for Lulu that you need to commit to memory, because both serve very different purposes.

The first revolves around the Sorcery rune tree. Summon: Aery is great on Lulu as it applies on all her buffs, meaning you can proc the shield on Whimsy to activate Ardent Censor and Staff of Flowing Water. The rest of her rune tree is then all about keeping her mana pool high.

The second page is if you are playing against teams of assassins. Guardian will be your best bet, as it provides a bit more protection to keep you and your AD carry alive in clutch moments. Font of Life gives everyone a bit of extra lifesteal, and then you can choose between Inspiration or Sorcery secondaries for your mana-bolstering runes (Sorcery is marginally the better option).

Top meta Lulu runes in Season 11

Sorcery Lulu rune page

  • Summon: Aery
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence
  • Scorch
  • Biscuit Delivery
  • Cosmic Insight

Resolve Lulu rune page

  • Guardian
  • Font of Life
  • Bone Plating
  • Revitalize
  • Biscuit Delivery / Manaflow Band
  • Cosmic Insight / Transcendence

Lulu skins in League of Legends

Lulu isn’t the most difficult champion out there, but masters of the Fae Sorceress know when to use her abilities on allies and enemies.

If you get a feel for her and pick the right choice (it’s almost always shield allies, Whimsy enemies), then you’ll go a long way towards getting plenty of wins with her.