LoL devs testing drastic tempo changes with massive system overhauls in next patch

Minions splash art in League of LegendsRiot

League of Legends devs at Riot Games have just revealed massive system changes that look to adjust the length of the laning phase in the next major update.

With the arrival of Patch 13.9 to the live servers of League of Legends comes a new look at what Patch 13.10 is expected to bring in the PBE servers. And while it’s early days yet, this look at Patch 13.10 has already revealed massive changes and reworks to items for all roles. 

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However, it seems another huge change has slipped right under all the talk of key item changes. Also included in this new build are various changes to Minions, Turrets, Unleashed Teleports, and more, which all looks to lengthen the pace of laning and prevent early ganks.

LoL dev reveals massive changes to laning phase in Patch 13.10 PBE

According to League of Legends Game Designer TheTruexy, the changes are “mostly trying to put more emphasis on lengthening the laning phase by hitting some roaming/ganking/ tower diving power”. 

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He further elaborates, “this means less games where roams from other lanes instantly end your laning phase by easily diving you.”

TheTruexy mentions in a follow-up tweet that these changes are not meant to affect how the mid-to-late game is paced in LoL. Further adding that the speed buffs which minions get will fall off at 14 minutes to ensure as much.

All System Changes on Patch 13.10 PBE

Here are all the system changes which are live on Patch 13.10 PBE:


  • Except for the first spawn of minions, Mid lane minions will meet at the same time as side lanes (side lane minions sped up)
  • Minions that have targeted an enemy tower will ignore “call for help” signals to target enemy champions
  • Minion speed changes will fall off at 14 minutes when plates fall

Unleashed Teleport 

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  • Upgrade time: 14 minutes >>> 10 minutes 


  • Plate Rushdown Resistances (20s after taking a plate): 0-180 (based on number of Champions) >>> 45-225 (based on number of champions)


  • Normal Homeguard Start Time: 20 minutes >>> 14 minutes 


  • Mana Regen per 0.25s Tick: 2.1% Max Mana >>> 3.1% Max Mana 

Jungle Plants

  • Blast Cone (over the river walls) initial respawn: 5:00-5:30 >>> 9:00-9:30

Time will tell how these system changes will affect the laning phase as players hop into the PBE to test it out, but needless to say big changes are coming to the Summoners Rift.