LoL devs double down on Mordekaiser with more ultimate buffs

Liam Ho
Mordekaiser Splash Art

League of Legends developers have doubled down on the recent Mordekaiser buffs, giving his ultimate even more power by nullifying enemy cleanse abilities.

Mordekaiser has received a massive buff in Patch 14.8 of League of Legends. The new patch will see champions unable to escape his ultimate with the item Quicksilver Sash. This change has been met with mixed reception from the player base, with many believing the item is the only way to counter the ability.

Despite this, the devs have doubled down on the ultimate, now introducing yet another new buff that will prevent champions that have a cleanse from escaping the ability. Champions like Gangplank and Rengar are able to escape from Mordekaiser’s ultimate using their CC cleanse abilities.

This now makes Mordekaiser’s ultimate completely inescapable, severely increasing his capabilities to isolate and take down enemy carries.

Mordekaiser’s ultimate traps himself and another target in an arena for a set period of time. Morderkaiser also steals a portion of the target’s stats from them while in the arena, giving him an even greater advantage over the target. If Mordekaiser slays his target inside the arena, he steals even more stats and maintains it for a short duration.

This ultimate is fantastic for isolating squishy ADCs away from supports or even winning 1v1s in the lane, and now with the new buffs it’ll make the Iron Juggernaut even more powerful than before.

It’s worth noting that these changes are currently on the PBE, meaning Riot could retract them at any time if they like, but for the moment it seems Mordekaiser will be getting a major buff in the coming patch.

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