Everything we know about LoL Champion 156: lore, abilities, release date

Andrew Amos
LoL champion 156 leaks details
Riot Games

League of Legends champion 156 is set to drop sometime soon in Season 11. Riot have clarified their role a little bit further in a recent Champion Roadmap, so here’s what we know so far.

Gwen might have only just dropped on League patch 11.8, but the game’s next champion could be just around the corner.

Riot’s champion roadmap for April 2021 has revealed new details on champion 156, set to take a hold of the mid lane as a “non-traditional marksman.” Here’s what we know so far.

LoL champion 156
Riot Games
Whatever this deadly looking hook is, it’s at the heart of the new champion’s story.

LoL champion 156 design: abilities, more

Riot dev Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles has given us a snapshot of what the newest addition to Runeterra will be like.

Their kit will be tailor-made for the mid lane role, unlike other marksmen who were originally designed for bot lane.

“While champions like Lucian, Corki, and Tristana have seen play mid, none of them feel like they were made specifically for that position, with the traits you often see from champions in that lane—like intentionally-designed roaming patterns and a dueling focus.”

“We felt a marksman designed for mid would both add a unique champion to the roster and could also be pretty appealing to a lot of mid lane assassin and skirmisher players.”

The champion roadmap had two images accompanying that blurb: one showing a Shuriman village getting overtaken by the Black Mist, and another of a hook. With references such as “grapple” and “swing,” it looks like this champion will be utilising a grapple to dominate the mid lane.

Senna and Lucian in LoL
Riot Games
The new Sentinel of Light should be linked pretty heavily to Lucian and Senna.

LoL champion 156 lore

The leaked champion has been called a “charming Sentinel of Light,” which means their lore will be heavily intertwined with Senna, Lucian, and their fight between Viego and the rest of the Ruination.

The Sentinels of Light are an ancient order of hunters formed in the Blessed Isles. Obviously, that’d make the creatures of the Shadow Isles their mortal enemies.

Most of the Sentinels of Light across Runeterra are dead except one, named Daowan, who helped defend Ionia from the Black Mist. This could be the new champion joining the line-up, especially with Reav3 writing that “things are looking pretty bleak for Senna and Lucian right now, but maybe some new Sentinels can revive their hope,” but this is just speculation.

Regardless, with the Ruined King game coming up in 2021, Riot are really pumping out content on this sidestory of Runeterra lore.

Viego, the Ruined King, arrives in League of Legends this patch.
Riot Games
The fight between Viego’s Ruination and the rest of Runeterra will rage on.

LoL champion 156 release date

With Gwen releasing on League of Legends patch 11.8, it’ll probably be some time until LoL champion 156 drops.

Reav3 has confirmed that the champion will “swing onto the Rift this summer,” meaning that we can likely expect them within the June/July period.