Ultimate Renata Glasc guide: Best League of Legends runes, builds, tips & tricks

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Renata Glasc is here to shake up League’s support meta. The enchanter support has brought new flair to Summoner’s Rift with her delightful yet poisonous concoctions. Want to master her? We’ve got the best Renata Glasc guide here with the top runes, builds, and tips and tricks for playing the Chem-Baroness.

Renata Glasc is the strong-willed and intimidating leader of Glasc Industries, and she carries that personality onto Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends.

While framed as an enchanter support ⁠— and she plays like one ⁠— she does her bidding differently to the brighter, more bubbly champions in her class. Her kit is more about turning enemies against each other and saving her allies in that way, rather than throwing out big shields and heals. She’s also that cold to her allies at times, when you consider her Bailout.

Want to master Renata Glasc? We’ve got the ultimate guide to her right here, with the best League of Legends runes and builds, as well as some tips and tricks for the enchanter support.


Renata Glasc walking in League of Legends
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Renata Glasc’s philosophy — “the only difference between medicine and poison is the dosage” — is the crux of her kit.

Who is Renata Glasc?

Renata Glasc is a Zaunite kingpin, the head of the popular Glasc Industries company. The Chembaron brings flair and style to the undercity, with her beauty products both raising up its citizens while also keeping them firmly in her grasp, letting her bend them to her will.

On Summoner’s Rift, she does just that ⁠— but with the enemy team instead ⁠— as an enchanter support that can turn the most trusting allies against each other while keeping her team sane.

Renata Glasc abilities & gameplay

Renata Glasc brings grungy flair to League of Legends’ enchanter support class with her gameplay. She possesses a good amount of poke, disengage, and buffs. However, everyone is eyeing off that enemy-overtaking ultimate, Hostile Takeover.

Going from top to bottom, her passive synergizes really well with auto-attack based allies. Think Kalista’s W passive up permanently. Her Q, while appearing to be an engage tool, is better used to disengage tanks and junglers running at your carries, throwing them away and halting the engage.

Her W, Bailout, is where things get tricky. You want to maximize your Bailout value by saving your ally in their last breath, but also get the steroid at the start of the fight. It has a long enough cooldown so you can’t do both. It’s always better to use it early just for the combat steroid, as the extra stats might be enough to avoid death in the first place.

You want to max her E first, as it is her primary lane poke tool and shielding. You want to try and get it through both allies and enemies, so playing at the back of late-game team fights is key to maximize its effectiveness.

Renata Glasc holding chalice
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Renata can buff up enemies to their demise with her ultimate.

Finally, Renata’s ultimate Hostile Takeover is a pretty slow-moving wave, making it a non-threat in isolation. However, if you can combine it with ally CC ⁠— like an Orianna ultimate ⁠— to clump together enemies beforehand, it will win you fights. Just wait for the duration to run out before jumping back in and CC’ing enemies.

In lane, you want to poke using Renata’s E to try and keep up, and disengage any tank engages like Leona or Alistar with a quick Handshake. Once you get into the fight, use Bailout on your carry and watch the attacks fly. Be sure to weave in your own autos too to maximize your damage. That fight pattern continues into late last game too ⁠— just focus on getting threats away from your carries with Q and R while buffing your team with W and E.

  • Passive: Leverage ⁠— Renata Glasc’s basic attacks mark her enemies and deal bonus damage. Damage from Renata’s allies consumes the mark, dealing additional damage.
  • Q: Handshake ⁠— Renata Glasc sends out a missile from her robotic arm that roots the first enemy hit. She can reactivate the ability to throw the enemy in a target direction, damaging enemies hit and stunning them if the thrown target is a champion.
  • W: Bailout ⁠— Renata Glasc grants an allied champion or herself ramping Attack Speed and Move Speed toward enemies. If the ally gets a takedown on an enemy champion, the buff duration resets. If the ally would die while Bailout is still active, their health is set back to full but they begin burning to death over 3 seconds. The ally can stop the burn by getting a champion takedown before they die.
  • E: Loyalty Program ⁠— Renata Glasc sends out chemtech rockets that shield allies and damage and slow enemies they pass through. The rockets also apply their effects around her on cast and in an explosion at max range.
  • R: Hostile Takeover ⁠— Renata Glasc sends out a cloud of chemicals that causes enemies to go Berserk, increasing their Attack Speed and forcing them to basic attack anything around them. Berserk enemies prioritize attacking their own allies, then neutral units, then Renata Glasc’s team, then Renata Glasc herself.

Best build for Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc’s best build in follows a pretty traditional enchanter line ⁠— even if her playstyle is a bit different to other League of Legends supports. Moonstone Renewer is her best Mythic due to the overall healing power, but if you want more damage early Imperial Mandate is a fine choice.

Chemtech Putrifier has been all the rage in Season 12 and it’s not stopping. Renata can proc it pretty easily thanks to her E shield ⁠— which you max first ⁠— so you can apply it on multiple members of your team. Same goes for Staff of Flowing Water and Ardent Censor, although you should only pick one or the other depending on what your team comp is (AP for Staff, auto-attackers for Ardent).

Once you have boots, Mythic, support item, and Chemtech though, that leaves you with two slots ⁠— and one of those will be Control Wards (and eventually Watchful Wardstone). Take your pick of Redemption or Mikael’s Blessing as a final item to round out the build. The latter is great against hard CC comps, while the former is just generally strong.

Top meta Renata Glasc build in Season 12

  • Mythic: Moonstone Renewer / Imperial Mandate
  • Boots: Ionian Boots of Lucidity / Plated Steelcaps (if against assassins)
  • Support Item: Spellthief’s Edge
  • Chemtech Putrifier
  • Staff of Flowing Water / Ardent Censor (pick one depending on your team comp)
  • Redemption
  • Mikael’s Blessing (if against hard CC)
  • Watchful Wardstone (once you hit Level 13)
Admiral Glasc skin for Renata in League of Legends
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Renata’s build is similar to other enchanter supports.

Best runes for Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc has one rune page that stands out, and it’s unsurprisingly using Summon: Aery. It gives her a bit more poke power in lane to match with some of the other enchanters, while also buffing up her shield.

Manaflow Band can help out with some of her mana problems, while Transcendence allows her to scale and really make the most of her Level 11 power spike.

While Summon: Aery is her most flexible page, there is room for Renata Glasc to run Guardian if facing plenty of assassins. Just take Font of Life, Bone Plating, Revitalize, and then Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic in the Inspiration tree for your secondary runes.

Top meta Renata Glasc runes in Season 12

  • Summon: Aery
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence
  • Scorch
  • Biscuit Delivery
  • Time Warp Tonic / Cosmic Insight

Renata Glasc example rune page in League of Legends Season 12 with Summon Aery

Renata Glasc skins in League of Legends

Renata Glasc might be an enchanter support with a twist, but she is a big threat on Summoner’s Rift. Being able to turn enemies against each other with her ultimate is huge and sets her apart from others in her class.

With these top tips and tricks for Renata, you should be well on your way to the top.