LoL Arena devs reveal augments that didn’t make the final cut

Liam Ho
Augments in Arena League of Legends

League of Legends developers have taken to Reddit to reveal unique augments for Arena that didn’t make the final cut.

League of Legends‘ newest mode has been nothing but a success for the developers. The new 2v2v2v2 mode has brought new life into a game that many could consider stale. The mode titled Arena sees players face off against each other in 2v2 round-based battles, where players can purchase items and select augments to power up their champion between each round.

Arena has been on the live servers for a good couple of days now, with players finally able to jump into the 2v2 goodness. As such, players have had plenty of opportunities to create whacky and unique builds, harnessing the power of the augments granted to them. Augments like in Teamfight Tactics provide champions with bonus stats or abilities, essentially augmenting their capabilities.

Riot worked extremely hard to create multiple augments to ensure that each game feels different from the last. Each player can select up to four in a single game, meaning combining synergizing augments is a powerful strategy to use. However, not all of these augments made it into the final iteration of Arena, as the developers explained in a recent AMA on Reddit.

Riot reveals augments removed from new Arena game mode

As far as removed augments go, the developers had three that came to mind.

The first augment aptly titled – Shitake Happens involved placing a deadly Mushroom somewhere in the arena, however, any player can step it in and take damage. Fortunately, the person with the augment was able to see the mushroom, allowing them to dodge the damage.

Teemo Splash Art
The Mushroom would’ve likely been a Teemo Toxic Shroom.

Unfortunately, this augment was deemed to warp the combat experience too heavily around it, which meant Riot removed it before it hit live.

Flicker was the next augment mentioned, allowing players to randomize their location during fights. When Flicker was active, players would randomly teleport after short periods of time and then go invisible.

A divisive augment that certain players loved to pick up, whilst others found jarring to play against. It’s likely that was the reason it was not ported to live.

Finally, Pass-a-Fist prevented the player from attacking altogether, but instead, you granted your ally 50% of your AD and Attack Speed, and would also grant them your on-hit effects.

Pajama Guardian Urgot
Urgot was one champion that would’ve completely broken this augment.

Whilst an insanely cool idea, the development work behind an augment like this with the 166 champions in League would’ve made it immensely difficult. As such, this one was also not shipped to the live servers.

There are certainly other augments that didn’t end up making it into the live version of Arena, but it’s always possible these ones see a return sometime in the future, as Riot will likely rotate augments like in Teamfight Tactics.