Lee Sin bug fix on League patch 13.9 accidentally broke the iconic Insec combo

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The 13.9 patch for League of Legends fixed one Lee Sin bug; strangely, the update accidentally broke the character’s Insec combo as well.

Riot deployed 13.9 on Wednesday, May 3, introducing a host of balance changes, adjustments to the behavior system, and bug fixes.

One fix, in particular, targeted a Lee Sin glitch wherein the hero “would sometimes not be able to be cast on himself while quick cast was turned on.”

While the patch more or less did its job in this regard, it inadvertently disrupted another aspect of Lee Sin’s gameplay – quick ward hops. Understandably, players are nothing short of livid.

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New Lee Sin bug in League ruins the character’s Insec combo

In a Reddit post, user CivicPiano points out that LoL’s 13.9 patch actually does more harm than good to Lee Sin. The patch may have resolved the quick cast issue, but, according to the Redditor, “now you can’t do a quick ward hop AT ALL.”

Users can still pull off a quick ward hop, though the effect won’t actually register until half a second to a second after the ward is placed. Instant ward hops are no longer possible for the Blind Monk.

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This doesn’t bode well for Lee Sin during late-game since ” you literally cannot even ward hop insec someone” because it takes a full second.

Based on comments in the Reddit thread, several other players noticed something off about Lee Sin post-League’s recent bug fix.

One person wrote, “I legit was just in Practice Tool to do my warmups on Lee and thought my W key was broken or there was some kind of client-side lag.” A few others said they also assumed the issue was the fault of input lag.

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If and when Riot Games will address the problem is anyone’s guess. Either way, League’s next scheduled patch – 13.10 – will go live on May 17.

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