League players have hilarious name for Voidgrubs and it’s starting to catch on

Declan Mclaughlin

League of Legends players have come up with a humorous new moniker for Voidgrubs that has started to catch on.

Riot Games introduced many changes to League of Legends for Season 14, chief among them terrain and map system changes. The League developers updated the game’s neutral monsters yet again and created some new ones for players to fight over.

Voidgrubs, which spawn in the Baron pit, were added to create an objective in the top half of the map during the early game. The new monsters spawn 5 minutes into the game, and they can be killed to gain some unique buffs.

Killing the new monsters gives players and their teammates two permanent passives, Touch of the Void and Hunger of the Void, depending on how many they slay.

The League of Legends community has come up with its own name for the neutral monsters thanks to the Spanish-speaking part of the player base.

League players dub Voidgrubs “Kevins”

According to a post on the League of Legends subreddit, Spanish-speaking players call the Voidgrumps Kevins. The person who penned the post also included screenshots from Spanish content creators calling the neutral monsters Kevin. Even the Riot-ran Spanish League of Legends X account has legitimized the community’s new nickname for them.

Many comments on the post said that they haven’t heard the name in their region yet, but they are going to start now.

“Kevins ofc, it will soon be officially recognized, “one user said.

The top comment on the post also pointed out that the English casters for the LCK have also started using the name to refer to the Voidgrubs during pro matches.

The explanation around the name is fairly simple, according to the post’s comments, as the over-bite Void monsters simply look like someone who would be named Kevin.

Whether this nickname will stick around remains to be seen. However, it is easier to type out “Kevin” in-game to direct your team to the objective as opposed to “Voidgrubs” so it has a chance to live on.

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