LoL players rejoice as Swarm mode brings back PvE for first time in 5 years

Carver Fisher

Swarm: Operation Anima Squad is ending one of League of Legends’ most notorious dry spells by bringing back PvE for the first time since September 2018’s Odyssey mode.

In a 2019 post, Riot explained how TFT would be made into a permanent mode and that the team working on limited-time modes would be put on that project.

Additionally, the message clarified their intent to try and create more permanent modes, doing away with all the dev time dedicated to making modes that were made to be temporary.

However, those who were looking for fun, limited-time PvE modes that spiced up the League of Legends formula were left out to dry.

After almost six years, that PvE dry spell is ending. The Swarm: Operation Anima Squad mode will pit you and up to three friends against the Primordian forces of evil in a fight for survival.

The mode will control with WASD and play in a very similar way to Vampire Survivors, one of the biggest breakout indie hits of the last few years.

While it isn’t yet clear how many characters you’ll be able to play as, champions like Jinx, Leona, Seraphine, and Illaoi were shown off with their own unique kits.

2018’s Odyssey mode marked the last of League’s PvE experiences. With the Star Guardian Invasion mode in 2017 and Doom Bots in 2016, those who played League at the time were hoping that these LTMs would be a regular occurrence.

And, though Riot’s lack of new PvE offerings has left some wanting over the years, those who have been waiting are excited to finally have something new.

“Ok as someone who played league for 10+ years and stopped, THIS is making me want to play again. FUN TIME IN LEAGUE LET’S GO WE ARE SO BACK,” claimed one Twitter user.

Many comments were some variation of “we’re so back” and “Riot cooked”, and the community is clearly excited for a League mode that’s more focused on having fun with friends than it is with winning.