League players demand changes to “terrible” remake system

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League of Legends players are demanding changes to the remake system in response to disconnected or AFK players at the start of games. 

A player disconnecting or AFKing at the start of a match is fairly common in League of Legends. It forces the other participants on the team to play out the remainder of their game at a disadvantaged state.

In response to this issue, Riot decided to implement the Remake System. This system allows for players to vote to end the game early in order to avoid having to slug through such a match.

League of Legends remake
Riot Games
The Remake System has one of the most appreciated changes by the game’s fans

In many League of Legends fans eyes, this was a great addition – no more having to suffer through 20 minutes of an undermanned game – but changes could still be made to it.

League players demand changes to the remake system

As it stands, teammates of the disconnected or AFK team member can type /remake at the three-minute mark or if a player has been flagged inactive for 90 seconds.

Two votable options will show up, “yes” for the remake or “no” to keep going. There’s a 30-second window to vote and if in a 4v5, two players need to vote yes in order to remake, and if in a 3v5 or lower, there only has to be one vote.

In a post on the official League of Legends subreddit, a user by the name of Distinger_ shared their experiences with the remake system and explained how this current iteration of the system is a “terrible mechanic” that is “poorly done”.

The Reddit user mentioned a game they had just played in which they tried to use the remake system due to two players disconnecting. Distinger_ initiated the remake but was shut down, and all subsequent attempts were also denied.

“I just played a game where my ADC and top disconnected shortly after buying items, they were in-game for less than 10 seconds,” Distinger_ said. “At minute 3 they were still AFK so I made a Remake vote, but my teammates didn’t want to. I checked the game on Porofessor and the 2 AFKs and the Supp were premades, so I guessed they were going to come back soon.”

The AFK players never returned and all the surrender votes that Distinger_ cast also were denied, “even though me and another teammate pressed yes, being 2 to 1, the votes still didn’t go through because they were not unanimous.”

This problem prompted the Reddit user to call for a change in how the system works, stating: “Is it hard to make games end when someone didn’t connect in the first three minutes?”

The demand for reform was echoed by others in the Reddit thread: “Not automatic, but one vote should be enough,” said one. “Make it three by default, a vote at 1:45. Why is it three minutes anyways, the game is well underway by then,” said another.

Disconnects or AFKs at the start of matches is something that every League of Legends player experiences, but ultimately it’s up to Riot to address the issue.

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