League players beg for Divine Sunderer nerfs as top lane mythic continues to dominate

Divine Sunderer League of LegendsRiot Games

League of Legends players are calling for Divine Sunderer to be nerfed after the top lane item was left untouched in the 11.16 balance patch.

Since its release back in November of 2020, Divine Sunderer has been a staple top lane item for champions that want to bully and shred through tanks.

After receiving a buff to its passive in patch 11.11, the item has slowly risen in popularity. So much so, that it’s sitting at a 51.1% win rate and is currently the second most purchased item in the game, only behind Zhonya’s Hourglass.

As a result of this, the League community assumed Riot was going to address the item in the 11.16 patch.

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However, the nerfs to Divine Sunderer never arrived and players have now begun voicing their frustration over the current power level of the top lane item.

Camille League of LegendsRiot Games
Divine Sunderer costs 3300 gold.

League of Legends players demand nerfs to Divine Sunderer

Shortly after 11.16 went live, the patch notes were posted to the League of Legends subreddit where players reacted to Divine Sunderer’s absence from the nerf list.

The bulk of the criticism is aimed at the item’s ability to shred through tanks while also simultaneously healing the user. According to players, this makes it impossible to contest bruisers like Camille and Wukong in lane, as their ability to trade and take extended fights is so strong.

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Players are so desperate for it to be addressed they’ve even begun begging Riot to nerf the item, with one user writing “please for the love of God, nerf Divine Sunderer, I’m so tired of seeing half the players in every game build it.”

Another even claimed Camille’s spot in the meta is completely down to the power of Divine Sunderer: “Camille was in a good state before Divine Sunderer buffs… this isn’t her being strong, just able to use the best item in the game better than other champs”.

Viego League of LegendsRiot Games
Divine Sunderer has become a core mythic for the majority of bruisers and fighters.

It’s obvious the community is becoming increasingly frustrated with Divine Sunderer’s dominance over the top-lane, particularly tank players who claim it’s ruining the role: “The hp. The stats, armor pen, healing. As a tank player, how the f**k do I win against this?” asks one.

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For now, it’s unclear whether Riot will nerf the mythic next patch. While players are frustrated that the item is cropping up on so many champions in every game, there must have been a reason why the devs chose to leave it untouched in 11.16.

Despite this, with so much backlash from the community, it’s clear players aren’t happy with Divine Sunderer in its current state.