League of Legends trailer reveals new Star Guardian skins: Kai’Sa, Nilah, more

Josh Tyler
Star Guardian Nilah in League of Legends

More Star Guardians are launching into League of Legends to help defend — or in the case of the Star Nemesis bandits, attack — Valoran city. Five champions have already received new cosmetics as part of the 2022 event with more expected. 

Few League of Legends skin lines are as beloved among players as the Star Guardian skin line.

Set in a fictional, anime-esque universe where League of Legends champions become cosmic protectors or threats, the first Star Guardian skins were released back in 2017. The first five members of the Star Guardian crew included Ahri, Miss Fortune, Syndra, Soraka, and Ezreal, along with a new PvE mode.

In the five years since the first Star Guardian skins, ten more champions have been added to the line, or its companion line Pajama Guardian.

However, 2022 is primed to be the biggest launch for the Star Guardian skin line as Riot hosts the largest in-game story event for the year in League of Legends.

Star Guardian Sona in League of Legends
Sona is one of potentially a dozen champions getting Star Guardian skins in 2022 as Riot prepares League of Legends’ biggest event of the year.

In a trailer launched on June 20, League of Legends is teasing a new chapter in the Star Guardian universe. Titled the “Return to Valoran City”, the teaser is a serene musical number that shows a deserted city — except for one student with flowing pink hair.

While the trailer didn’t reveal who will be the new champions that will join the Star Guardian universe, Riot were quick to the trigger in announcing some of them ahead of the event’s July launch.

Ekko, Kai’Sa, new release Nilah, and Sona are all joining the Star Guardian forces, while scarecrow Fiddlesticks has been labeled a Star Nemesis in his new skin in the universe.

Beyond that though, there were a few clues in the video.

First, the girl with the pink hair at the end could be League of Legends famous brawler Vi, but with long hair. However, another pink-haired champion who makes even better sense is Seraphine, given that she has long hair and her popstar personality would be a perfect fit in the Star Guardian world. She would also likely use the headphones that are seen in the first shot of the trailer.

It’s worth noting that Seraphine has been leaked as one of the potential Star Guardian releases in this event, although it’s not been confirmed.

Another clue is the image of a locket around two symbols that appear to be for Xayah and Rakan. Both of those champions already have Star Guardian skins (released in 2019), so perhaps there might be a new version released for them.

It could also mean that other Vastayan champions that don’t have Star Guardian skins might be the next to be added.

Regardless, players will be waiting anxiously to find out what the new Star Guardian skins are when they are released on July 14 as part of the big in-game event.

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