League of Legends players slam “misleading rewards” from the Honor System

Alan Bernal
Riot Games

League of Legends players are hitting out at the “misleading rewards” that come from the game’s Honor system, specifically with the key fragments that users are able to obtain through the program.

Many in the community are well-versed in the Honor system, Riot Games’s initiative to reward good sportsmanship from players as they complete more matches without being toxic or an overall hindrance on their team.

Rewards that come from the Honor system, after hitting Honor level 2 or above, can range from simple blue essence to a couple of pre-selected skins, but most notably are key fragments that can be in short supply for the most dedicated players in the game.

Riot Games
Players can get rewards by reaching at least Honor Level 2 in League of Legends.

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Three fragments can be combined to create a whole key that is used to open Hextech Chests, but Riot puts a limit to how many fragments can be acquired per month.

However, the LoL community feels upended, since “Honor capsules and orbs are useless because the ‘extra’ key fragments are part of the monthly limit you get anyway,” as user ‘cute_rubberduck’ said.

“The key fragments you get through orbs and capsules count towards the 12 key fragment limit you get anyway through normal play,” they explained. “I’d like to add the disclaimer that I don’t want to complain about free stuff. They don’t have to give us anything. But I really dislike misleading rewards.”

Riot Games
Some LoL players would like another rework to allow for a more “honest” reward drop for the Honor system.

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More community members chimed in to express their disappointment, especially since some people bank on key fragments to get through their troves of unopened chests.

While some are convinced that the Honor system rewards contributing to the fragment limit is a blunder on Riot’s part to fix, others believe that the system is working as intended.

“Honor ‘rewards’ is a way of punishing players by taking it away, not a reward system,” user ‘leigonlord’ argued.

Riot Games
Players are frequently hitting their Key fragment limit in LoL, which is making it hard to like the Honor rewards.

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In either case, there are players with a large stockpile of chests without a way of opening them, since they’re getting hit by the key fragment limit that is affecting their rewards from the Honor system.

Riot has reworked the Honor system multiple times since it’s revival in 2017, and some players would like to see new upgrades in the 2020 season.