League of Legends players discover how to kill Drake in half a second

Carver Fisher
League of Legends players find way to kill drake in half a second

A League of Legends trend has players trying to find out how to kill Drake in the fastest time possible, and a group of clever Legends found a way to claim the objective in under half a second.

Drake is an incredibly important objective to take when trying to find a lead in the average League of Legends match. It’s a large part of why pro players have resorted to drafting double ADCs bot lane for pressure, and why bot lane is so impactful when it comes to who wins and who loses in the current meta.

However, getting through Drake’s health bar without alerting the enemy team is easier said than done. Killing it can take a while, and the objective could easily get stolen away by the enemy jungler if you aren’t careful.

League of Legends players have taken to theory-crafting ways to speedrun killing Drake the moment it spawns only with items and levels they’d have at the early point in the game where it spawns. With over 160 champions in the game, finding the right combination of abilities to get the fastest Drake kill has taken some time.

The fastest time so far has players downing the objective in less than half a second.

League of Legends players are speedrunning Drake kills

When most people think of speedrunning, they think of single-player titles that have optimized speedruns through their single-player campaigns, with different categories mixing up the run in various ways.

However, speedruns do exist in some multiplayer games. League of Legends is one such game, with players forming small communities based on theorycrafting the best ways to do in-game tasks or objectives in the least time possible.

League of Legends players on the LoL subreddit have been busy cooking up methods of killing Drake as fast as possible, with the best run making the poor wyvern evaporate.

There are a few small things you may not notice upon your first viewing here. Sion’s Q, Nunu’s Q, and Udyr’s enhanced Q doing a ton of single-target damage is nothing new or complex. However, Jhin and Syndra is where the real ingenuity comes in for this run.

Jhin placed as many traps as he can under the Drake for some bonus damage and saved his passive fourth shot bonus damage to hit it when it’s low. However, these traps take a while to trigger and make the run take longer under normal circumstances. This is where Syndra comes in.

Observers initially thought she missed her ability by throwing the River Scuttler into the pit before Drake spawned, but then players realized that was how these runners were getting Jhin’s traps to trigger at the exact time they need to.

It’s not yet known whether or not this is the most optimized way to complete this run, but a final time of 0.485 seconds is going to be hard to beat.

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