Top 10 least-played League of Legends champions in ranked

Liam Ho
Earthrune Skarner Splash ArtRiot Games

League of Legends offers players over 160 different characters to play around with, however, some champions don’t see nearly as much play as others. Here are the top 10 least-played League of Legends champions in Ranked Solo Duo.

Like in all online games, some champions in League of Legends don’t see as much playtime as the popular ones. For every Yasuo, Kai’sa, and Lux, you’ve got your Yoricks, Iverns, and Skarners. Here are the 10 least popular champions in League of Legends according to

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10. Quinn

Quinn splash art lolRiot Games
Quinn is considered more of a cheese pick, and doesn’t provide much in the late game for her team.

Top lane bully Quinn ends up being one of the less popular champions in League. The ranged carry is able to sufficiently bully out enemy laners thanks to her range and poke, keeping enemies at a distance. Her ultimate is great for roaming around the map, impacting both mid and jungle.

Despite this, Quinn still remains as a bit of a cheese pick for the role and provides little to nothing for her team when it comes to late game. If a Quinn doesn’t get ahead in the early game, she ends up being almost useless, whereas a tank champion can CC enemies and take damage in team fights. On top of this, she’s just generally not a very exciting or play making champion, resulting in people skipping over her.

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9. Kled

Kled Splash ArtRiot Games
Kled’s limited mobility and range make him a champion only dedicated fans of the character love.

Noxian Warlord Kled ends up being less popular than many of the other champions in League. The top lane bruiser fighter relies on his good pal Skarl to assist him in battle, giving him a second health pool. Kled mainly uses his W to trade with enemies, giving him a ridiculously strong burst combo if he can get all strikes off.

However, his limited range and mobility make him a more niche pick that only one tricks of the champion really seem to enjoy.

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8. Ryze

ryze splash artRiot Games
Ryze’s tendency to be changed leaves him as one of the less popular characters in League of Legends.

Archmage Ryze is easily one of the least popular mid-laners out there. Being one of the first champions introduced to League of Legends, Ryze has had a storied past when it comes to his balance for professional play. With a multitude of nerfs, buffs, and reworks, the blue mage is constantly in a state of flux.

With his popularity in pro play being so high, Riot has been forced to make Ryze weaker in solo queue, so that pros don’t completely break the champion. Because of this, many players stay clear of Ryze, as there are plenty of better, less volatile picks available.

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7. Renata Glasc

renata glasc splash artRiot Games
Renata’s unconventional way of supporting her allies makes her a less desirable pick for solo queue.

One of the more recent releases in League of Legends, Renata Glasc ends up being one of the less popular characters out there. The ruthless capitalist from Zaun, she supports her allies by with more offensive tools, giving them a second chance at life if they do her bidding.

As an enchanter, she still offers her team plenty of utility with shields and CC. However, she’s far less conventional of an enchanter support than others, making her far less popular than usual.

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6. Elise

Elise Splash ArtRiot Games
Once a powerful and dominant pick, Elise has seen better days in League of Legends.

Spider Queen Elise sees herself as one of the least popular junglers in League. A powerful early-game jungler, Elise is capable of quickly taking over games with her immense burst damage and pick potential. The character was so notorious that she was picked in professional play pretty consistently.

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Since her time in the spotlight, many other early-game powerhouses have joined the jungle roster. And with the complaints many players have had about the jungle’s strength, the role has been tuned down significantly, leaving champions like Elise a thing of the past.

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5. Taric

taric splash artRiot Games
Taric’s reworked kit seemed strong on the surface, but his clunky gameplay holds him back in popularity.

Targon support champion Taric sets himself up as one of the least popular characters in League of Legends. Before his rework in 2016, the champion barely saw any play, being labeled as a meme champion who wasn’t even worth a look. Unfortunately, his rework didn’t do much to change things, as his play rate still remains low to this day.

Relying on tethering to another ally, Taric’s kit seems incredibly powerful in theory. His ultimate is capable of making his entire team invulnerable, and with a stun that can be extended to his tethered ally, his abilities look strong on the surface. Despite this, his playstyle and clunky kit hold him back from being a more popular pick in today’s meta.

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4. Ivern

Ivern splash artRiot Games
As a supportive jungler, League players simply prefer other champions in the role.

Once a terrible Noxian warlord, Ivern’s villainy saw no end. That is until he was turned into a tree, who definitely seems zoinked out of his mind. Ivern is Riot’s take on a supportive jungler. The first of his kind, Ivern was designed specifically to work only in the jungle, with his passive allowing him to farm monsters without needing to actually fight.

Supports however are one of the least popular roles in the game, and with other more appealing champions in the jungle, Ivern fell by the wayside. His kit allows him to set up ganks, shield allies and even summon a Sentinel to fight enemies for him, but his abilities never sat well with the player base.

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3. Kog’Maw

Kog'Maw classic splash art in League of LegendsRiot Games
Kog’Maw’s lack of mobility but high damage makes him blow up almost instantly in team fights.

Kog’Maw cements himself as one of the true hyper-carries of League of Legends. With the capacity to deal ridiculous amounts of percent HP as damage, the champion has almost no mobility. This is unfortunate because ADCs are normally the first priority to blow up in a fight. Because of this, Kog’Maw ends up being one of the first to die in a fight.

Alongside this, his kit isn’t particularly skill-intensive or flashy, meaning ADC players who want to flex their arms aren’t able to make plays on them. Therefore Kog’Maw ends up being one of the least popular ADCs in League of Legends.

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2. Rek’Sai

Reksai in League of LegendsRiot Games
Rek’Sai’s current itemization doesn’t favor them, making them weaker at the moment.

Rek’Sai used to be one of the most powerful junglers in League of Legends. Their capacity to roam around the map creating tunnels allowed them to gank at unmatched speeds. However, her time in the spotlight has come and gone, with the champion falling from grace.

One of the main issues with Rek’Sai is that they’re either way too powerful or way too weak, meaning they go through phases of being really popular and really unpopular. Right now Rek’Sai is suffering in pick rate thanks to a recently failed mini-rework, making her far weaker than usual.

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1. Skarner

skarner splash artRiot Games
Poor Skarner will need to await his rework to become more popular.

Skarner has unfortunately found himself as one of the least desirable champions in all of League. The Crystalline Scorpion hasn’t seen play in almost every stage of the game, with many finding his kit far too ineffective to have a lasting impact on the game. The only redeeming factor of Skarner is his ultimate, which lets him suppress and drag an enemy around. With a rework currently being worked on, Skarner may find more popularity soon, but until then, he’ll remain somewhere near the bottom of the play charts.

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