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League of Legends Patch 10.17 notes: Sona & Yone nerfs, Xayah buffs

Published: 19/Aug/2020 21:00 Updated: 20/Aug/2020 0:41

by Isaac McIntyre


The League of Legends 10.17 patch is here, and we now have a complete look at all balance changes Riot has in store for champions like Yone, Qiyana, Sona, Caitlyn and more.

This time around it’s “a bit of a smaller patch,” in part due to Riot’s annual summer holiday the League developers take every year ahead of the Worlds crunch. Here’s every detail on the balance-focused League of Legends Patch 10.17 update.

Some popular off-meta strats are going to get tuned down in the latest update as Riot are fixing the balance of power where they think it’s gotten out of hand. Similarly, the studio is hoping a slight buff to Aatrox will help the once-great champion regain some glory.

Hecarim -- and Caitlyn -- may have been a little overtuned in League Patch 10.16.
Riot Games
Hecarim and Caitlyn may have been a little over-tuned in League Patch 10.17.

Caitlyn, Hecarim buffs from Patch 10.16 reversed

Two of the major changes coming in League Patch 10.17 are to Caitlyn and Hecarim, both of whom only recently buffs. This time around they’re getting knocked back down a peg, due to the fact Riot “made a little mistake” with their numbers.

“When we overshoot a buff in a patch we always first think about reverting that buff partially, like Cait and Hecarim this patch,” Mark Yetter explained on Twitter. “When we sometimes go with a different nerf, it’s because we think the buffs are worth keeping.”

Caitlyn is having her movement speed reduced in the upcoming Wednesday update. Hecarim is also having movement speed reduced, though his is through the boost Devastating Charge (E) doles out upon activation.

Bot lane duo Lux and Sona both nerfed

Sona weaseled her way into the meta as a carry again over the last few patches. Alongside Lux in bot lane, the two mages have formed a formidable duo. However, Riot are culling their power, individually and collectively, in Patch 10.17.

“Going into the patch we thought that Sona Lux was only OP as a combo ⁠— which they are, very,” Yetter admitted. “Digging in to the data it turned out that they had both become OP as solo picks with optimized builds in the current meta so we went with individual nerfs instead of their interactions”

Sona is having some of her offensive power stripped from her Q and E, while Lux’s shield will now block less damage.

These small changes should look at reducing both Sona’s carry potential — stopping other Sona carry lanes popping up — as well as stunt Lux’s power alongside traditional carries, while also nerfing the oppressive combo.


Qiyana “may miss Worlds” after nerfs

The last of the big changes are targeting Qiyana. The attack damage mid laner boasts one of the highest win rates in League at high Diamond ranks. She is so powerful that she “crossed the thresholds for nerfs,” Yetter revealed.

“It’s unfortunate, because I’d love to see her at Worlds, but I think she may miss being at that tournament,” the League dev continued. “We have to stick to our frameworks with the goal of keeping every level of play as balanced as we can.”

The Qiyana nerfs will mainly be focused around her Audacity (E) and Terrashape (W). Her W will now have 10% on-hit AD ratio, down from 20% and her E base damage has been dropped slightly, from 60-200 to 60-180.

Riot Games
Riot Games
Qiyana likely won’t get picked up at Worlds after her Patch 10.17 nerfs.

Outside of the headlining changes, Aatrox, Gragas, Kai’Sa, Varus, and Xayah are getting buffed in Patch 10.17. Conversely, Evelynn and newly-released champ Yone will get a few tweaks the other way in this week’s update.

Here’s the full League Patch 10.17 notes courtesy of Riot Games, which should be going live in the game in just a few hours from publishing.

League of Legends Patch 10.17 patch notes



  • R – World Ender
    • Bonus Damage Ratio: 0.2/0.25/0.3 attack damage ⇒ 0.2/0.3/0.4 attack damage


  • Base Stats
    • Movement speed: 330 ⇒ 325.


  • Q – Hate Spike
    • Dart Base Damage: 30/35/40/45/50 ⇒ 25/30/35/40/45
    • Spike Base Damage: 30/35/40/45/50 ⇒ 25/30/35/40/45


  • Base Stats
    • Armor: 35 → 38.


  • E – Devastating Charge
    • Bonus Movement Speed: 25-100% (over the first 3 seconds, with fourth second at maximum value)  25-85% (over the first 3 seconds, with fourth second at maximum value)


  • Base Stats
    • Attack Damage Growth: 1.7 ⇒ 2.0
  • E – Supercharge
    • Bonus Attack Speed: 40/45/50/55/60% ⇒ 40/50/60/70/80%


  • W – Prismatic Barrier
    • Shield: 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.3 ability power) ⇒ 45/65/85/105/125 (+0.35 ability power)
    • Cost: 60 mana ⇒ 60/65/70/75/80 mana
    • Triple Shield Bug fix: Fixed a bug that caused Prismatic Barrier’s effect to apply three times at the edge of its cast


  • W – Terrashape
    • Bonus Damage Ratio: 0.2 attack damage ⇒ 0.1 attack damage
  • E – Audacity
    • Base Damage: 60/95/130/165/200 ⇒ 60/90/120/140/180


  • Base Stats
    • Health 482.36 ⇒ 480
    • Mana 340.6 ⇒ 340
  • Q – Hymn of Valor
    • Damage Ratio: 0.5 ability power ⇒ 0.4 ability power
  • W – Aria of Perseverance
    • Heal Ratio: 0.25 ability power ⇒ 0.2 ability power
  • E – Song of Celerity
    • Self Bonus Movement Speed: 20% (+0.03 per 100 ability power) ⇒ 20% (+0.02 per 100 ability power)
    • Aura Bonus Movement Speed: 10/11/12/13/14% (+0.03 per 100 ability power) ⇒ 10/11/12/13/14% (+0.02 per 100 ability power)


  • Base stats
    • Attack Speed Growth: 3% ⇒ 4%


  • Base stats
    • Attack Damage Growth: 2.9 ⇒ 3.5


  • Q – Mortal Steel
    • Base Damage: 20/45/70/95/120 ⇒ 20/40/60/80/100
  • R – Fate Sealed
    • Life Steal Bugfix: No longer applies life steal at 100% effectiveness
League of Legends

How to watch LEC 2021 Spring Split: stream, schedule, scores

Published: 21/Jan/2021 1:57

by Isaac McIntyre


LEC 2021 Spring Split is here! Ten world-class League of Legends lineups battle it out for a spot in the Spring Playoffs, and a chance to be crowned kings of Europe. Here’s the stream, schedule & standings to keep you in the loop.

  • Spring begins with blockbuster Super Week
  • Fnatic vs Rogue bookmarked as game of the round
  • Star-studded G2 Esports shape as early favorites

The League of Legends European Championship is back, and it’s expected to be as exciting, whacky, and competitive as ever. Throughout the course of the eight-week season (January 22 to March 14), ten teams will compete for a spot in the Spring Playoffs.

There’s €200,000 on the line, as well as the illustrious chance to represent Europe at the Mid-Season Invitational. Here’s everything you need to stay up-to-date.

LEC 2021 Spring Split: Stream

The LEC streams live on Twitch, the league’s new dedicated YouTube channel, and lolesports.com. Miss the action? Catch-up on all three platforms within 24 hours.

LEC 2021 Spring Split: Results & schedule

Below are the results & schedule for the forthcoming week’s action, followed by the following week’s schedule.

Week 1 schedule (January 22 – January 24)

Date Match GMT  PT ET
January 22 G2 Esports vs MAD Lions 5pm 9am 12pm
Astralis vs SK Gaming 6pm 10am 1pm
Rogue vs Excel Esports 7pm 11am 2pm
Vitality vs Schalke 04 8pm 12pm 3pm
Misfits vs Fnatic 9pm 1pm 4pm
January 23 Schalke 04 vs Excel Esports 4pm 8am 11am
Vitality vs Misfits 5pm 9am 12pm
MAD Lions vs Astralis 6pm 10am 1pm
G2 Esports vs SK Gaming 7pm 11am 2pm
Fnatic vs Rogue 8pm 12pm 3pm
January 24 Astralis vs Vitality 4pm 8am 11am
Rogue vs SK Gaming 5pm 9am 12pm
Misfits vs MAD Lions 6pm 10am 1pm
Fnatic vs Schalke 04 7pm 11am 2pm
Excel Esports vs G2 Esports 8pm 12pm 3pm

Week 2 schedule (January 29 – January 30)

Date Match GMT  PT ET
January 29 MAD Lions vs Excel Esports 5pm 9am 12pm
Schalke 04 vs SK Gaming 6pm 10am 1pm
G2 Esports vs Astralis 7pm 11am 2pm
Misfits vs Rogue 8pm 12pm 3pm
Vitality vs Fnatic 9pm 1pm 4pm
January 30 Excel Esports vs Astralis 4pm 8am 11am
Vitality vs Rogue 5pm 9am 12pm
Misfits vs SK Gaming 6pm 10am 1pm
Schalke 04 vs G2 Esports 7pm 11am 2pm
Fnatic vs MAD Lions 8pm 12pm 3pm

LEC 2021 Spring Split: Standings

Below are how each team places in the current standings. This will be updated once the opening round of play has been penned into the record books.

Placements Team Games
1 Astralis 0-0
2 Excel Esports 0-0
3 FC Schalke 04 0-0
4 Fnatic 0-0
5 G2 Esports 0-0
6 MAD Lions 0-0
7 Misfits Gaming 0-0
8 Rogue 0-0
9 SK Gaming 0-0
10 Team Vitality 0-0

LEC 2021 Spring Split: Teams

Team Top Jungle Mid AD Carry Support
Astralis WhiteKnight Zanzarah Nukeduck Jeskla promisq
Excel Esports Kryze Dan Czekolad Patrik Tore
FC Schalke 04 Broken Blade Gilius Abbedagge Neon LIMIT
Fnatic Bwipo Selfmade Nisqy Upset Hylissang
G2 Esports Wunder Jankos Caps Rekkles Mixkyx
MAD Lions Armut Elyoya Humanoid Crazzy Kaiser
Misfits Gaming Agresivoo/HiRit Razork Vetheo Kobbe denyk/Vander
Rogue Odoamne Inspired Larssen Hans Sama Trymbi
SK Gaming Jenax TynX Blue Jezu Treatz
Team Vitality Szygenda Skeanz Milica Comp Labrov