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YouTuber creates crazy League of Legends controller that runs on milkshakes

Published: 29/Oct/2019 8:26 Updated: 29/Oct/2019 11:07

by Joe O'Brien


German YouTuber Maxim has devised a way of playing League of Legends using milkshakes as a controller.

The bizarre system involves drinking from multiple milkshakes in order to control his character’s abilities in the game.

Maxim has four milkshakes, which are linked to the Q, W, E, and R buttons such that when he takes a drink, his champion uses the respective ability. A mouse is still used to control his champion’s movements.

Naturally, picking a champion reliant on a high rate of ability usage would make this set-up even harder to use, so Maxim locked in Singed, who requires a little less mechanical precision than many champions.

Riot GamesMaxim locked in Singed for his milkshake controller test.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t go entirely to plan for Maxim. He had to swap down to play a Support role after a dispute over who was in the top lane – this being a blind pick game with no pre-set roles – and at one point suffered some technical difficulties that kept him by the fountain briefly while he fixed the system.

Though the game was ultimately lost, Maxim did manage to play out the game using his milkshake controllers, and even secured a kill.

Maxim isn’t the only player who has come up with a creative means of playing a game. Twitch streamer Rudeism is well known for making a variety of bizarre custom controllers, typically for Overwatch where the control method often mimics the actions of the hero it’s designed for – a boxing glove controller for Doomfist, for example.

This also isn’t the first time Maxim himself has used an unusual controller to play League of Legends – although it might be his most bizarre yet. Previous examples include playing with a joystick, a steering wheel, and even a dance mat.

League of Legends

Riot dev responds to broken League damage bug with Ravenous Hydra

Published: 28/Nov/2020 18:15

by Daniel Cleary


A Riot Games developer has responded to a bizarre bug in League of Legends, which is preventing the Ravenous Hydra from working with certain champions’ abilities in-game.

Riot Games introduced plenty of changes in the 2021 preseason patch such as completely revamping the League Item Shop and items to improve the game’s experience before Season 11 kicks off.

Ravenous Hydra is one of the items that has remained in League, but it received some updated stats amid the changes. The item still provides players with lifesteal, in the form of Omnivamp, but Riot has now removed the Crescent Active and added 20 Ability Haste in its place.

However, one thing that has not changed much is the item’s passive ability Cleave, which allows basic attacks and abilities to trigger extra damage, which varies based on the distance between targets.

Urgot's splash artLeague players called for a Ravenous Hydra fix after a glitch was found with champions like Urgot.

There are some champions with abilities that had unique interactions with this item, such as Aphelios’ Severum Q, but players have now noticed a bug, which stops it from working correctly with certain champions.

The issue was raised with League dev Riot Phlox, with one Redditor explaining that champions with multi-hit abilities, like Urgots W, Renekton W, and Warwick’s Ult seem to be where the problem lies.

Riot Phlox responded to the bug, revealing that they are now aware of the unusual damage glitch with Ravenous Hydra and that it would be passed on to the League Dev team.

“I’ll pass this along so we can make sure there are eyes on it, thanks!” the League dev responded, confirming they would soon be working on it.

However, he also revealed that he was unsure just when a fix might be issued for this broken damage bug, adding that they “can’t give a timeframe.”

While it is unclear when the patch will arrive in League of Legends, this will still come as good news to Urgot mains, and those who play similar champs, after they were quite vocal on this issue, as it will soon allow them to have more build options in-game.