All League of Legends Champions: All LoL characters and roles

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Characters in League of Legends are known as champions and the game features a plethora of them. Here’s the list of all champions in LoL along with their classes and level of difficulty.

Like most other MOBA games, League of Legends offers a large pool of champions for players to choose from. The game was released in 2009 and since then, the game has continued to increase its character pool with almost every major update.

Currently, League of Legends has more than 100 champions to choose from and they are classified into different classes. Each of these roles has a specific way to impact the outcome of a game.

If you’re wondering how many champions are there in the game, our League of Legends champions list has everything you need to know.


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When did you start playing League of Legends?

How many champions are there in League of Legends?

As of September 16, 2022, League of Legends has a total of 161 champions to choose from.

If you are someone new, you will find that these champions are categorized into different classes. These classes are the foundation upon which the gameplay of League of Legends is based.

There are six different classes of champions in the game and here’s a rundown of all of them:

  • Assassins (they specialize in enemy lines to dispatch high-priority targets)
  • Fighters (they specialize in short-range combat and can both deal and survive damage)
  • Mages (they possess great reach and ability-based area of effect damage and crowd control)
  • Marksmen (they deal the most damage)
  • Supports (as the name suggests, they provide support to the Marksmen to get kills)
  • Tanks (they absorb the maximum amount of damage in exchange for powerful crowd control)

Let’s now take a look at the list of champions in the game.

League of Legends champions list

In the table below, we have sorted all the champions with respective to their class (under columns) and difficulties (in brackets):

Akali (Moderate)Aatrox (Moderate)Ahri (Moderate)Akshan (Low)Bard (High)Alistar (Moderate)
Ekko (High)Bel’veth (High)Anivia (High)Aphelios (High)Braum (Low)Amumu (Low)
Evelynn (High)Camille (Moderate)Annie (Moderate)Ashe (Moderate)Ivern (Moderate)Blitzcrank (Moderate)
Fizz (Moderate)Darius (Low)Aurelion Sol (Moderate)Caitlyn (Moderate)Janna (Moderate)Cho’gath (Moderate)
Kassadin (High)Diana (Moderate)Azir (High)Corki (Moderate)Lulu (Moderate)Galio (Moderate)
Katarina (High)Dr. Mundo (Moderate)Brand (Moderate)Draven (High)Nami (Moderate)Jarvan IV (Moderate)
Kha’zix (Moderate)Fiora (Low)Cassiopeia (High)Ezreal (Moderate)Pyke (Moderate)Leona (Moderate)
Leblanc (High)Gangplank (High)Elise (High)Graves (Low)Rakan (Moderate)Malphite (Low)
Master Yi (Moderate)Garen (Moderate)Fiddlesticks (High)Jhin (Moderate)Renata Glasc (High)Maokai (Low)
Nidalee (High)Gnar (High)Heimerdinger (High)Jinx (Moderate)Sona (Moderate)Nautilus (Moderate)
Nocturne (Moderate)Gragas (Moderate)Karma (Moderate)Kai’sa (Moderate)Soraka (Low)Nunu & Williump (Moderate)
Qiyana (High)Gwen (Moderate)Karthus (Moderate)Kalista (Moderate)Tahm Kench (Moderate)Ornn (Moderate)
Rengar (High)Hecarim (Moderate)Kennen (Moderate)Kindred (Moderate)Taric (Low)Poppy (Moderate)
Shaco (High)Illaoi (Moderate)Lissandra (Moderate)Kog’maw (Moderate)Thresh (Moderate)Rammus (Moderate)
Talon (Moderate)Irelia (Moderate)Lux (Moderate)Lucian (Moderate)Yuumi (Low)Rell (Low)
Viego (Moderate)Jax (Moderate)Malzahar (Moderate)Miss Fortune (Low)Zilean (Moderate)Sejuani (Moderate)
Yone (High)Jayce (Moderate)Morgana (Low)Quinn (Moderate)Shen (Moderate)
Zed (Moderate)Kayle (Moderate)Neeko (Moderate)Samira (Moderate)Singed (Moderate)
Kayn (High)Orianna (Moderate)Senna (Moderate)Sion (Moderate)
Kled (Moderate)Ryze (Moderate)Sivir (Moderate)Zac (High)
Lee Sin (Moderate)Seraphine (Low)Teemo (Moderate)
Lillia (High)Swain (High)Tristana (Moderate)
Mordekaiser (Moderate)Sylas (Moderate)Twitch (Moderate)
Nasus (Moderate)Syndra (High)Varus (Low)
Nilah (High)Taliyah (Moderate)Vayne (High)
Olaf (Low)Twisted Fate (High)Xayah (Moderate)
Pantheon (Moderate)Veigar (Moderate)Zeri (Moderate)
Rek’sai (Low)Vel’koz (High)
Renekton (Low)Vex (Low)
Riven (High)Viktor (High)
Rumble (High)Vladimir (Moderate)
Sett (Low)Xerath (High)
Shyvana (Moderate)Ziggs (Moderate)
Skarner (Moderate)Zoe (Moderate)
Trundle (Moderate)Zyra (Moderate)
Tryndamere (Moderate)
Udyr (Moderate)
Urgot (High)
Vi (Moderate)
Volibear (Low)
Warwick (Low)
Wukong (Low)
Xin Zhao (Low)
Yasuo (High)
Yorick (Moderate)

Some of the champions mentioned in the table above have the ability to play more than one role in the game. Like Ahri can play as both Assassin and Mage while Akshan can play both as Assassin and Marksman.

If you want to know more about the roles of these champions, our guide has got that sorted.

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Cassiopeia is a Mage champion in LoL.

Is there any way to play these champions for free?

While so many characters may seem daunting, League of Legends does give you a way to play (or try) some champions for free every week.

Every Tuesday, LoL brings a free champion rotation where you can play 16 free champions at no extra cost. You must remember that the characters featured in these rotations are entirely random and changes every week. Here are the characters that are featured in the free rotation this week.

Also, you won’t be able to use them in Ranked matches and are limited to Unranked matches only. The free rotation gives you a chance to test different characters and then decide whether you want to buy them in-game or not, considering the number of champions is huge.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know on how many champions are there in League of Legends. For more about the game, be sure to check our other LoL tips and guides:

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