Tired LCK fans are fuming after Yuumi went picked or banned in every Summer Split game

Liam Ho
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LCK viewers have taken to Reddit to complain about the overwhelming presence of the support champion Yuumi, who has been picked or banned in every single game of the Summer Split.

The LCK Summer Split for League of Legends has only just kicked off but unfortunately, fans of the league are already filing complaints. The Korean League often showcases some of the best talents that the LoL world has to offer, talent that has been squashed by the overwhelming presence of a magical cat.

Yuumi has been one of the most problematic champions since her arrival on the rift. Released back in May of 2019, the supportive cat could jump onto allies providing various shields, heals, and buffs to keep them nice and healthy. Whilst this doesn’t seem too bad, Yuumi would become completely untargettable when she hopped onto an ally, completely removing the counterplay most enchanters have.

The magical cat may not have been considered so problematic if she wasn’t so popular in professional League of Legends. This has caused her to see several nerfs throughout her time, with a mid-scope update attempting to fix her issues. Unfortunately, even after the update, it appears Yuumi is still quite the problem, as shown by her recent pick rate in the LCK Summer Split.

LCK fans vent frustration after Yuumi is picked or banned in every game for Summer Split

According to the Reddit post, out of the 26 games played throughout the split, Yuumi has been either picked or banned in all of them. In the games that she was picked she may have been more detrimental to her team, however, with her win rate currently at a measly 33.3%.

“Yeah, goes without saying that the issues with Yuumi were not fixed. Even if she gets nerfed, I’m not sure this is the solution. She will just be back to awful in solo queue while still being picked in pro play,” the post states.

Many fans have commented on the post as well, discussing the underlying issues of the champion.

“They designed an enchanter that is entirely immune to the class’ main weakness… Just killing them.

She isn’t even a good new player champ because she doesn’t serve to teach players anything. Riot clearly doesn’t want to just clap her down to the point of utter uselessness, but as long as she can remain as a permanently intangible backpack and extra item for a carry, she will never not be broken in pro. Yet her design is so ingrained in this playstyle that they just can’t change it. Barring a full rework, which I honestly expect at this point,” a commenter argued.

Thus, players are hoping that Yuumi will see a complete rework sometime in the near future, completely removing her capability to go untargettable. However, with her mid-scope update only recently completed, fans will need to wait quite some time before a more permanent solution is found.

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