Yuumi mains band together and “run it down” to protest LoL patch 13.1b nerfs

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Longtime Yuumi mains aren’t happy with the latest set of nerfs in patch 13.1b meant to push her out of pro play, and they’re protesting by trying to get her win rate so low that devs can’t ignore her.

LoL patch 13.1b came with a hefty set of nerfs for everyone’s (least) favorite champion, Yuumi. Seeing as fans in the LEC audience actively booed whenever this champion got picked and cheered when she got banned, there was some clear incentive to nerf this champion in relation to pro play.

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Balance team member and former LCS caster Phreak confirmed that these nerfs were mainly to keep her out of pro play viability and keep her on the roster as a new player friendly pick until she gets reworked.

Yuumi mains aren’t in good shape considering their champion just got “murdered”, and they’re banding together to get their champion buffed the only way they know how: Running it down until her win rate dips below 40%.

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Yuumi nerfs leave her mains resorting to inting games

Yuumi got a massive set of nerfs, many of which change the way she’s currently played. She has less trading potential, much less range with her auto attacks, and less late game impact via the adaptive force scaling on her W and taking the AP scaling off her E’s movement speed.

Her power level has been nerfed at every point of the game, and it’s a set of changes meant to keep her out of pro play according to Phreak’s breakdown of the topic.

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This has left longtime Yuumi mains enraged at the fact that their favorite champion has been nerfed so heavily, to the point where they’re going to some great extremes to try and get some of her power back.

Ryze players are familiar with what it’s like to get continually nerfed due to pro play relevance, and now Yuumi mains are in the same boat. The entire YuumiMains subreddit is filled with commentary about her nerfs and people from other champion main subreddits paying their respects to those who are still playing the champion.

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That said, her win rate is already nosediving after the nerfs. Yuumi players may not have to int to get that number below the 40% mark.

There are no plans to buff Yuumi at the time of writing. It would be no surprise if the champion stayed weak until her rework.

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