League of Legends drop rates: Masterwork & Hextech chests, Arcane capsules, more

league of legends capsules chestsRiot Games

Riot Games revealed the official drop rates for League of Legends items like Hextech Chests and Arcane capsules, among others, inside the game’s client.

League of Legends players will now have some idea of what they can pull when they go to buy different loot items from the Shop. The drop rates have itemized lists for skin shards, ultimate skin permanents, blue/orange essence, and emotes.

Aside from rewards like League skins and champions, Riot also included the chances to get other in-game goodies like Gemstones, which are used to craft exclusive items via Hextech Crafting, as well as Mythic Skins.

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These rates are available for every League of Legends player to pursue but we’ve compiled the percentages below as well as how to find them yourself.

league of legends hextechRiot Games
League of Legends Masterworks and Hextech chests drop rates have been revealed.

League of Legends drop rates

Before dumping your RP into more bundles, people can check the drop rates for chests and capsules to see what their chances are at striking gold.

Riot also has a Bad Luck Protection for people who open multiple items without getting much in return. This will make the next item you open have a higher chance of getting better rewards, though how it affects the drop rates were not specified.

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Hextech Chest drop rates:

  • Skin shard or Ultimate skin permanent: 50%
  • Champion shard: 25%
  • Ward skin shard: 11.5%
  • Emote: 10%
  • Summoner icon: 35%

Hextech Chest chance to contain:

  • Hextech Chest + Key: 10%
  • Gemstone: 2.68%
  • Loot exclusive: 0.04%

Masterwork Chest drop rates –

  • Skin shard or Ultimate skin permanent: 70%
  • Emote: 10%
  • Orange Essence: 10%
  • Ward skin shard: 10%

Masterwork Chest chance to contain –

  • Masterwork Chest + Key: 10%
  • Gemstone: 2.68%
  • Loot Exclusive: 0.04%

Arcane Capsule drop rates –

  • Skin shard (x3): 100%

Arcane Capsule chance to contain:

  • Mythic Gemstone: 4.11%
  • Arcane Inventor’s Grab Bag: 3.5%
  • Mythic Skin Permanent: 0.05%

How to find League of Legends drop rates

league of legends drop ratesRiot Games
Drop rates can be seen in the League of Legends client.

The League drop rates are hidden in plain sight before you can purchase any of the in-game loot. For any single loot item, Riot listed the items and percentages once you click them.

For bundled items, the same applies except you have to click into the drop rates but all the numbers should look identical.

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League drop rates:

  • Open your LoL Client
  • Navigate to Shop
  • Go into the ‘Loot’ section
  • Click a single item to see drop rates
  • OR click a bundle and select ‘View Drop Rates’

Seeing the different rates will give League players a lot more clarity in what they’re buying into when purchasing different Loot items.

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